May 11, 2017

Kenshin Japanese Restaurant opens in Vista Mall, Las Piñas

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  • If you’ve been craving for authentic takoyaki and are living in the south yet you have absolutely no time to make the 45-minute journey to Makati from your home in, say, Alabang or Laguna, then you’re in for a treat!

    WELCOME TO LAS PIÑAS CITY! Kenshin Japanese Restaurant now has a hope in LP!

    IZAKAYA FEEL. Kenshin retained its bar counter, perfect for solo diners.

    ROWS ON ROWS. Bottles of some of their best alcoholic drinks line one of their walls.

    Kenshin Japanese Restaurant has heeded the call and recently popped up a branch at Vista Mall in Las Piñas, City! Located along CV Starr Avenue, they’ve brought over the entire Makati branch menu to give the people of the South a sampling of what it feels like to eat in an izakaya.

    PREP. Here’s how your DIY takoyaki starts.

    GOING IN. These go into one of the 16 takoyakis you’ll make.

    ONCE YOU’RE READY, YOU go from here…

    … to here …

    … and finally here. It’s been one of our favorites since the opening of Kenshin for a reason. Careful, they’re hot!

    Of the many favorites that made its way to Las Piñas is their delicious (and oftentimes dangerous) DIY takoyaki, still at P299. It’s still golden, still good, and still needs to be carefully eaten unless you’re a pro at eating really hot food without getting burned.

    BIG GYOZA. They’re a lot bigger than your average gyoza, believe us.

    There’s also their delicious gyoza (P169), fried dumplings stuffed with ground pork and vegetables. These are so good that you might not want to eat anything else at Kenshin… if you can help it.

    KAHLUA MATCHA. A coffee liqueur made in Mexico and sold in Japan, it’s one of Kenshin’s latest additions to their selection of spirits. The left glass contains the Matcha Kahlua (P159), while the one on the right is a Matcha Kahlua Smoothie (P199).

    One new thing we noticed was the inclusion of a drink that’s hardly seen in the Philippines: Matcha Kahlua, a brand of coffee liqueur that you probably won’t find anywhere else but at Kenshin.

    It has that smooth taste of a good cup of java with the flavor of green tea and a bit of an alcohol aftertaste. It’s a deceptively delicious drink, what with its unassuming color and way of serving (it’s served in a rocks glass). If you’re not one to down it straight, you can opt for their Kahlua Matcha smoothie, which is made with the same coffee liqueur mixed with some vanilla ice cream.

    With Kenshin expanding to Las Piñas and introducing the south to their brand of DIY takoyaki, you can be certain that people of the South will flock to this Japanese restaurant soon.

    Read more about Kenshin Japanese restaurant here.

    Kenshin Japanese Restaurant’s Las Piñas branch is located along the ground floor of Vista Mall Las Piñas, CV Starr Ave., Las Piñas City. They’re currently on a soft opening from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm daily. For reservations, please call 02-824-7873 or 0917-120-0672.

    Written by Andronico Del Rosario

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