March 23, 2017

Guide to Biking Trails in Manila

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  • Are you a biking beginner or a pro cyclist? Time to take your bikes out and explore the best spots to pedal! Here’s a guide to Manila’s best biking trails and where to find them.

    • Filinvest MTB Trail

    For those in the South, you do not need to travel far north to find nice biking trails. Filinvest’s bike trail is known to be a good spot for biking beginners. There are eight different courses which will help you train your cycling skills. Joggers are also welcome in their trails as well. The trail is surrounded by huge trees which makes it a suitable place for ideal without the scorching heat.

    Location: Filinvest Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa


    • Camp Aguinaldo Bike Trail

    For those living in Quezon City, there’s Camp Aguinaldo Bike Trail which is a perfect trail for those who wants to level up their biking skills. In this spot, you’d experience a slightly difficult terrain but beginners can still manage to pedal through. The place is filled with old military vehicles so it feels like you’re biking through a movie scene. Expect bumpy roads, sharp turns, and loose soil here.

    Location: Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City

    Entrance Fee: P50.00


    • UP Bike Trail

    For those who enjoy biking with other fellow bikers, UP Diliman’s Bike Trail is quite a hit among the biking community because of its convenient location in the city. Bikers love UP Trail because it is not too hard for a beginner but not too easy for a pro. It teaches bike handling, and basic trail biking. It is not to be confused with UP Diliman’s academic oval, which is also a good spot for biking. But if you’re looking for a trail where you could hone your biking skills, check UP Bike Trail.

    Location: Commonwealth Ave., Bike Lane, Diliman, Quezon City


    • Heroes Bike Trail

    For those who would like to bike along at peace, then this is the place for you. Situated near the Heroes’ Cemetery, the Heroes Bike Trail is your biking spot if you’re the kind of biker who bikes too early or even at night. It’s one of the few biking places which are open for night rides in Manila. Expect short climbs and fast descent in this place but it’s still a recommendable spot for newbie bikers. Note: Biking is not allowed within the cemetery.

    Location: Bayani Road, Taguig

    Operating Hours: 5:30 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)


    • La Mesa Nature Reserve

    Probably the most popular and most recommended biking trail in Manila is the La Mesa Nature Reserve. It is a known biking hub so expect trail guides to help you out on your biking. It has a great lush greenery, road humps, downhills, and dirt roads to make your biking adventure more interesting. It has bike services and facilities such as bike wash so after pedaling on the muddy part you can still get your bikes clean before you leave. Note: This is not to be confused with La Mesa Eco park, which also has a bike trail but is smaller than the Nature Reserve’s one.

    Location: Quezon City Drive, Novaliches, Quezon City

    Entrance Fee: P200.00


    *This list is in no particular order

    Images grabbed from: UP Bike Trail, Filinvest Bike Trail, John Marifosque via Facebook; Looloo; Heroes Bike Trail




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