December 19, 2016

Top Ham Places in Manila

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  • Christmas is coming, and with this comes that anticipation for the overflowing amount of food every family prepares on their dinner table. However, no Noche Buena will be complete without the “Star ng Noche Buena” – the Christmas Ham. It has become so much of a Christmas staple that every Filipino would be lining up for hours on end to get the ham they wanted from their favorite store.

    Still thinking about where to get this year’s Christmas ham? We give you a list of some of the best and most famous ham places in Manila.

    1. Excelente Ham


    Image grabbed from Best Food in Town

    Excelente Ham in Quiapo is one of the most sought-for hams in Manila. Their store in Quiapo usually gets more and more filled with people as Christmas Eve draws near. It’s smoky, sweet, and savory flavour is always something that brings its patrons back to them during the festive season. Recently, they opened in San Juan so people who wouldn’t want to go to Quiapo could visit their shop there and get the same delectable ham they always come back for.

    Address: 155-157 Carlos Palanca Street, Quiapo, Manila

    Landline: 733-6355

    For more information, visit their Facebook.

    1. Adelina’s Ham


    Image grabbed from Adelina’s Ham’s Facebook

    Since 1955, this ham place in Mandaluyong has been serving their traditional Chinese-cured ham during Christmas. Its ham is a combination of the sweet and the salty flavour, paired best with their sweet ham sauce. People may choose from their bone-in, boneless, and sliced hams, depending on what their tastes and preferences are.

    Address: 180-182 General Kalentong Street, Mandaluyong City; Foodcourt Level Lifestyle Center, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan

    Landline: 531-6833 (Kalentong Branch); 692-8529 (Greenhills Branch)

    For more information, you may visit their Facebook page.


    1. Holiday Ham by Michelle Dee


    Image grabbed from Spot.Ph.

    According to Spot.Ph, Michelle Dee’s ham is their “hands down winner for the best ham in the metropolis” because of its flavour and texture. This ham is made and cooked the traditional way, from curing to sugar-glazing. Her hams are made-to-order, so if you want to make sure that you’ll have her holiday hams for Christmas, it would be best to place your orders months before.

    Landline: 892-6088; 893-3036


    1. Mr. Delicious


    Image grabbed from Mr. Delicious’ Facebook page

    Located inside Hole in the Wall, 4f Century City Mall in Kalayaan St., Makati, Mr. Delicious delivers some good lightly-glazed and slow-cooked hams. Customers may choose between their boneless and bone-in hams, both which still hold Mr. Delicious’ signature flavour. Orders should be placed beforehand and are done online.

    Address: Hole in the Wall, 4F Century City Mall, Kalayaan St., Makati

    Landline: 403-8080

    To order, visit their website and Facebook page.


    1. Majestic Ham


    Image grabbed from Majestic Ham’s Facebook page.

    Committed to producing the best ham anyone could ever try, their hams are all made and cooked in the traditional way – cured in oak barrels, smoked with  aromatic wood, aged for full flavour, and cooked in select spices. Their hams are sold in various supermarkets in the metro, so everyone may get it wherever is accessible to them.

    Outlets: Rustans Supermarket, Magallanes; Cash and Carry, Makati; Rustans Shangri-la; Makati Supermarket, Alabang Town Center; Tropical Hut Foodmart, BF Homes; Unimart Supermarket, Greenhills, San Juan; Cherry Foodarama, QC; Shopwise Commonwealth; Tropical Hut Foodmart, Panay, QC; Shopwise, E. Rodriguez; Shoppersville Mall, Katipunan Road, QC

    Landline: 726-9381 (Unimart Supermarket)

    For more information, visit their website or their Facebook page.


    Source: Spot.PH, Happy Pinay Mommy

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