May 19, 2015

Teach What You Know: A Productive Summer Crafternoon

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  • Productive, informative, and most importantly, fun! Teach What You Know: A Summer Crafternoon met all our expectations and even exceeded some!




    Last Saturday (May 16, 2015), Philippine Primer went to the Philexcel Arts Center in Clarkfield, Pampanga to be part of an awesome crafternoon. A crafternoon, according to the organizers is “an afternoon devoted to the joys of crafting”. Quite accurate, as the afternoon wasn’t just about learning the basics of different crafts, but also about the joy you can feel from making art.

    The turnout wasn’t too big, with only a little over twenty people at the event, but this actually worked to the participants’ advantage. With only a few people to teach, the instructors had time to focus on each and every participant, helping them with their weaknesses and answering their questions.



    WATERCOLOR. FASHION ILLUSTRATION. RUBBER STAMP CARVING. Instructors taught basics as well as some advanced techniques to people who had more experience.


    The five workshops namely rubber stamp carving, fashion illustration, calligraphy, paper cutting and watercolor were held simultaneously. The calligraphy workshop had the most participants, but there was no less enthusiasm from the participants of the others.

    Everyone had fun honing their skills and discovering the new ones they had. Even the instructors learned new techniques from some of the participants.

    Crafting Holiday was also present in order to provide the participants with the art paraphernalia they needed. They sold different types of pens, inks, gum arabic, fancy paper and lots more.



    Arts and crafts equipment made available by Crafting Holiday


    The organizers were also prepared for the likely event that people got hungry, serving cookies and iced tea during the workshop. There were also homemade cookies for sale, for those who wanted to take some sweets home.

    When the workshops ended, the participants were all asked to display their works on the wall. The instructors chose the best artwork from each group and gave special prizes from Crafting Holiday to the people who made them.



    Display of the participants’ work from the paper cutting, calligraphy and rubber stamp carving workshops.


    A group photo was taken at the end, showing just how much everyone enjoyed the afternoon making new friends, and making new art.



    EVERYONE IN THE WORKSHOP, minus a few people who took the photo. The four organizers/instructors seated. (L-R: Mitzi Villanueva, April Gascon, Kat Santos, Andrea Dela Cruz.)


    Article and photos by Ida Irigo

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