April 27, 2019

6 Pet Care Tips This Summer That You Should Know About

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  • Pets are generally considered to be a part of the family. We often take them with us on our trips and spend as much time with them as we can. For this reason, we also need to take care of our furry friends’ health.

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    The Philippines, as we all know, is a tropical country that often poses the hottest weather during summer–the season that is just as harmful to pets as it is to humans. It’s important to take a few measures to ensure that our pets are comfortable enough during this season.

    If you have pets at home, here are some tips to help you take care of them this summer!

    Avoid hot surfaces

    As the summer season continues, temperatures can get very high which heats up surfaces such as asphalts and metals. When pets walk or linger on these heated surfaces, their bodies heat up quickly and their paw pads could burn, this is why it’s best to avoid the heat during the day when taking your pets out for a walk.

    If the situation is unavoidable, consider either carrying them until you get past the asphalt or consider buying them pet shoes to protect their paw pads from the heat. If you have a pet carrier or pet stroller, you might also want to consider using those.

    Groom your pets properly

    Grooming is an important aspect of pet care and it shouldn’t be overlooked. Shaving off the fur of your fur buddies could cause them to have sunburns so it’s best to opt for lightweight haircuts instead as it would help prevent overheating and sunburns. For those with cats, you can brush their fur as it can help prevent problems that are caused by the heat.

    Do consult with your veterinarian regarding the usage of sunscreen for pets as those with short fine hair and pink skin are more prone to sunburn. It also helps to consult with your vets about the sunscreens that are best for pets as there are products that are specifically for animal usage.

    Adjust room temperature if possible

    The outside temperature reflects that of the temperature inside the home and makes it harder to keep things cool. If you have pets at home and plan to leave them there for the day while you’re out, consider leaving your air conditioner turned on in a conservative and comfortable setting. It’s also recommended that you close your blinds and curtains to reduce the effects of the sunlight through windows. Also, make sure that your pets have access to a shade that’s far from windows.

    If you have smaller pets such as hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs – consider putting their cages away from direct sunlight and in locations that are far away from places that can get too hot. As they are smaller animals, they overheat faster than larger pets such as dogs and cats so it’s important to never leave them out of their cages or houses. You can also leave a jar of ice or a freezing bottle of water beside their cages to keep them cool – just remember to not put it inside their cages as they might get too cold.

    Make sure your pets only drink potable water

    While this is a no-brainer, it’s important that pets have access to drinking water throughout the day. If you’re bringing them out with you, consider bringing an extra bottle of water for them too.

    If you’re taking your pets to the pool or the beach, keep a close eye on your pet when they’re near or in the water. If you’re taking them on swimming trips, consider buying them flotation devices. It’s also important to keep them away from drinking pool water as the water from swimming pools have chemicals that are harmful not only for humans but also for pets.

    Also, if your pets did take a dip in the pool, rinse them off with clean water to get the chlorine and the salt out of their fur.

    Never leave pets in the car

    There have been many incidents where pet owners leave their pets in parked cars resulting in deaths due to overheating. Note that, in just a short matter of time, cars can get extremely hot – especially on a hot summer’s day regardless of where you park your car.

    If you plan on leaving your pets in the car – it’s better to just leave them at home to avoid unwanted hazards. If the situation is unavoidable and you really have to bring them with you, consider leaving the air conditioner on while you run your errands.

    Consult with the Vet

    A visit to the vet, regardless of the season, is a must! Make sure that your pets get their tests done and to have their medication, if they need any, always ready. If you have any concerns or if you want to know more about your furry friends, a visit or a consultation with your veterinarian of choice is safer than using search engines to determine signs and symptoms.

    Pets with health issues are also more susceptible to heat. But of course, it’s always important to keep an eye on your pets regardless of health, breed, and age. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to consult with your veterinarian about these matters.

    Always remember that a healthy pet is a happy pet!

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