July 07, 2018

A Trip to the City of Pines: Baguio Travel Tips

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  • A trip to Baguio City usually meant allotting one day to get there and another day to go back to Manila because it used to take anywhere from 8 to 9 hours just to get to Baguio. With the recent completion of Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX), this has gone down to as little as 4 to 5 hours if you’re driving, or as little as 6 hours by bus.

    There are three national roads that lead to the city: Quirino Highway, also known as Naguilian Road; Marcos Highway, preferred by public transport and more experienced travelers; and the scenic Kennon Road, where you can find the iconic Lion’s Head. Baguio City has its own airport, the Loakan Airport, but there aren’t any airlines that fly into or out of Loakan.

    Photo by Jeremias Talva

    Roads to Baguio are steep and will be a challenge for inexperienced drivers, which is why we recommend taking a bus to get to Baguio City. There are two bus companies that serve Baguio: Joybus (operated by Genesis Transport) and Victory Liner, both with schedules that span the day. We recommend taking Victory Liner, as they have their own terminal in Baguio as well as an online booking system.

    Here are other tips for a smooth and enjoyable trip to the City of Pines!

    Book your bus tickets in advance

    Both Joybus and Victory Liner accept advance bookings, but we recommend booking online with Victory Liner. Your Victory Liner travel voucher gives you access to their express lane, which cuts down your waiting time by a substantial amount.

    Ride First Class

    If you’re not a fan of stopovers, we suggest taking Victory Liner’s First Class bus from Cubao or Pasay. It’s at Php 780 per person (Php 830 if you book online) and only runs at specific times: 01:15, 06:15, 11:15, 13:15, 20:15, and 23:45 from Pasay; and 00:15, 10:15, 12:20, 14:15, 20:15, and 23:15 from Cubao. These buses can take up to 28 passengers, have seats with more legroom, and has its own bathroom on the bus. If you’re not a fan of long drives and cramped seats, this is the bus for you.

    Burnham park/Photo by Jeremias Talva

    Walking is a thing

    Yes, Baguio has some of the best taxi drivers in the country. They’re honest and take great care when driving. The city, however, isn’t too big to cover on foot. If you’re within the area of Burnham Park, you can pretty much walk to Session Road without much trouble plus get a good workout in the process. It’s the same for Mines View and Wright Park, which are only 2 kilometers apart.

    Peak season is dry season

    It doesn’t have to be summer if you’re planning to visit Baguio. November to May are the best months to visit Baguio, with December to February being the most packed. February is good if you’re planning to experience Panagbenga Festival, but not if you’re not fond of traffic jams.

    Mines View Park /IMAGE Conrado C. Rotor, Jr.

    Save during the wet season

    Visitors don’t usually visit Baguio between June and October, which means hotel stays are more affordable during these months. There’s a high chance you’ll get wet because it rains a lot in Baguio during these months, so make sure you bring an umbrella.

    Written by Andronico Del Rosario

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