July 15, 2021

Eco-Friendly Living Tips

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  • Over the years, we’ve been slapped with a good dose of reality that we’re making the only planet habitable for humans less conducive to live in. The advances we’ve once had are slowly choking the life out of this planet. Although the Earth is in pretty bad shape, it’s not too late to take action. Continue reading to see how you can lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

    1. Bring Your Own Bag

    Nowadays, many stores charge an extra fee if you want your items in a plastic bag. It’s a good step to reducing plastic bag usage but it’s not enough. Always bring your own bags and save yourself a few pesos in the process. Should you forget to bring your own, ask if the store provides paper bags. If there aren’t a lot of items, just hand-carry the goods; otherwise, request for a box (they’re usually free).

    1. Ditch the Disposable

    You don’t have to quit your milk tea or iced coffee drinking habit to save Mother Nature. Just get yourself a reusable metal straw and sip away. Apart from straws, you could also bring your own reusable utensils so you don’t have to use the plastic ones offered at some fast food joints. Running low on caffeine? Bring your own tumbler when you buy a cup of joe. Some cafes now offer discounts if you bring your own cup. And leftovers at restaurants? Just bring your own food containers and refuse the styrofoam packaging.

    1. Upcycle

    Art Attack had the right idea: Why buy a pencil holder when you can make one from stuff that’s lying around the house? Instead of throwing the soup can in the trash, smoothen out the edges, clean it thoroughly, and you’ve got a place to stash the many pens, pencils, and markers cluttering your desk. Feel free to decorate that can any way you want.

    1. Borrow

    If you’re not the type to read a book more than once, borrow a book instead of buying it. Does the local librarian give you the creeps? Chances are, at least one of your friends is a bibliophile. Try borrowing from them. It’s not limited to books either. If you’re unsure about an appliance purchase, ask if you can borrow someone else’s for a while.

    Got some other helpful tips? Comment below!

    Written by Katherine Zaballa

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