July 13, 2021

Condo Etiquette: How to Be a Good Neighbor

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  • If you live in a condo or apartment, then you know the fun and convenience of living in one and you must also understand the challenges of condo neighborship. One thing that you should be aware of as a condo dweller is that you share a lot of space with other people—the hallways, common areas, and other facilities.

    If you’re new to condo or apartment ownership, here are the most important tips on condo etiquette that you should always keep in mind.

    Use common areas responsibly.

    As a condo unit owner, you have the privilege to use a lot of the building’s facilities like the gym, swimming pool, and garden. Help maintain these areas by keeping them free of litter and using any equipment with care. Stairways, lobbies, and hallways are also part of the common areas so avoid loitering, making noise, and leaving personal items in these places.

    Keep your area clean and follow rules on trash disposal.

    Nobody cares if you’re messy until your mess gets out of your unit space. How you maintain and organize your unit is completely up to you, but when it comes to waste management, don’t let your trash linger around and the stink to sneak out onto the hallway. Remember the schedule of garbage collection and leave your trash in the proper trash bins.

    Be sensitive about noise.

    It’s fun to sing along to your favorite songs on loud speakers or invite friends over for a condo party. Condominiums, however, have certain regulations on keeping the peace and order. Don’t  be the subject of a noise complaint by your neighbors by limiting the level of noise in your condo. By being sensitive to noise limitations, you also foster a more harmonious relationship with your neighbors.

    Look after your children and pets.

    Kids and pets have one thing in common: they’re all adorable. Not everyone, however, may agree to that. Guide your children and control your pets so they don’t make too much noise or behave in a way that may disturb the neighborhood. Let your children play inside your condo and watch them when they go outside. When taking your pet out for a walk, be sure to keep them on a leash and pick up after your dog.

    Park sensitively.

    If you own a car, be sure to coordinate with the condo management about your assigned parking space. Be sensitive to other unit owners’ parking slots by parking your car properly within your own allotted space. Familiarize yourself with parking rules, which includes regulations on guest parking.

    Be friendly but don’t be pushy.

    Besides remembering all of the above, try to get to know your neighbors and always show a good attitude towards them. Also be sensitive about the level of friendship you can have with them. For instance, some people don’t appreciate unannounced visits or long conversations. When you have any disagreement or complaint about your neighbor, approach them and settle things calmly. In the end, if you foster a good relationship with your neighbors, you will have people looking after you and helping you out when you need it.

    Bottom line: Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

    Whether we live in a subdivision or a condominium, we all want peaceful and harmonious living. You may live in a private residence, but you’re a part of a bigger community where your actions may affect other people. So, always have good neighborly manners, so you might also influence others to do the same.

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