October 07, 2016

Commuting Tips in the Philippines

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    When in the Philippines, you need an extra skill that will take you to places, literally, and that is the power of commuting. Through commuting, you are able to see a glimpse of Filipino culture when you get to join Filipinos every day as you use public transportation to and from work. Let us help you by listing out some tips to become a certified master commuter as you go through the highways and byways of the city!

    1. Be informed.

    Of course, when going to a certain place, you must know how to get there. Although you can always ask help for directions, it saves time and energy if you already know the right vehicle and the right route to go to your destination.

    1. Plan ahead.

    The traffic system can be very unpredictable. Next thing you know there’s an accident or an on-going detour at the way you’re about to traverse. It is important to keep updated by checking the news through TV or social media so you can plan your next step in getting to your destination.

    1. Know alternate routes.

    Upon learning that you might just get caught in hours-long traffic jam in the metro, you will have another option—that is, to go the other way. The good news is, there are many possible options to go to the place you’re headed. You just need to be earlier than usual to get there on time. The train broke down again? Don’t worry, there are jeepneys ready to save the day!

    1. Pack lightly.

    Save yourself from the hassle of commuting by packing lightly. That way, if in case you need to walk for miles, the burden of carrying all your things may lessen your exhaustion. If you really need to carry heavy things then the best thing to do is to hail a cab to save you from the burden of going through meticulous inspection.

    1. Stay alert.

    One thing you need to keep in mind while traveling is to be wary of pickpockets. Always check on your belongings and gadgets especially when going in a crowded transportation such as trains. This is also important when riding a taxi. Always be vigilant, as there may be modus people lurking around you.

    1. Use apps.

    In the metro, there are several transport apps that will make your trip as convenient as possible. Download Uber or Grab for e-hailing, or Waze for your navigation. Make use of technology wisely!

    1. Get discounts!

    On the plus side, even when you think that the commute is just so exhausting, discounts can make you feel better. In the Philippines, a 20% discount is given to seniors, students, and persons with disabilities in any kind of public transportation. Also, if you’ve got e-hailing apps on your smart phones, they give occasional promos that you can use to pay less than expected. Score!

    1. Know when to expect heavy traffic.

    In Metro Manila, a lot of factors contribute as to why there is a sudden traffic jam even when it’s not rush hour. Examples of these include the rainy season, especially when low-lying areas are flooded. Also, traffic is usually heavy when organizations mobilize rallies along permitted avenues in thoroughfares in Manila. Lastly, traffic is bad when it’s payday—where most malls are on sale.

    Do you have any commuting tips you’d like to share with us? Comment them below!

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