July 04, 2021

Mudpack Festival

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  • Mambukal Resort in Murcia, Negros Occidental is usually a quiet resort, with visitors usually content at being one with nature or making their way towards Mt. Kanlaon. The resort takes on a different personality once the month of June hits as they celebrate the annual Mudpack Festival.

    Now on its 20th year, Mambukal Resort’s Mudpack Festival continues to pay homage to Mother Earth and her preservation thanks to their emphasis on being one with nature. This year’s theme, Art For Earth, aims to show that even mud, something people associate with being unclean, has limitless potential in the hands of an artist.

    If you’re looking to join in this year’s festivities, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    Book early. The festival is nothing if not popular, which is why early bookings are a must. The event is always held at Mambukal Mountain Resort, but don’t expect them to have rooms available just because it’s festival time. If you’re only thinking of going there now, we suggest calling them ASAP or at least have them recommend nearby resorts or hotels for you to stay in.

    • Bring extra clothing. Lots and lots of extra clothing, to be exact. You or your clothes will be muddy by the end of each festival day, so make sure you have extra clothes and maybe a bit of room in your wallet for laundry.

    • In light of all that mud, don’t be afraid to get dirty. It is, after all, called the Mudpack Festival. Don’t be squeamish! Revel in mud as this festival is all about communing with Mother Nature.

    • Side trips, side trips, side trips! Don’t limit yourself to the festival or the resort. Visit Brgy. Sta Rosa, the site of the Japanese soldiers’ surrender to American forces during WWII. Visit Calibago River Resort for horseback riding and camping. Extend your trip for a few more days to experience Mt. Kanlaon’s summit.

    For those interested in the Mudpack Festival, here’s their schedule of activities:



    SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES. Plan your stay in Mambukal Resort around this schedule and you’ll do just fine. Photo courtesy of Mambukal Resort Facebook page.


    The Mudpack Festival will happen from June 17 – 19, 2016 at the Mambukal Mountain Resort in Murcia, Negros Occidental. For information about each event, visit their official Facebook event page.


    Source: 20th Mudpack Festival 2016 event page, Mambukal Resort Facebook page

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