February 06, 2016

Get to Know the Modern Filipino Woman

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  • The Philippines, home to some of the world’s most prolific and iconic women, is a fertile land where women’s clout flourishes. With two women Presidents etching their name in its history, and a long list of other female figures adding their spunk and sparkle to this country, the Philippines is one of the best places in the world to enjoy being a woman. Some women issues like abuses or a few cases of gender bias notwithstanding, women in this country can freely become the best versions of themselves. In fact, it is encouraged. Unlike in other countries, women’s rights here are upheld and women are given the chance to chase their dreams. Yes, they face challenges, but these challenges when overcome only prove further these women’s brand of strength. The kind of strength that merits respect and honor and is worth emulating.


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    Filipino women (also called Filipinas) and their roles in the society have evolved over time. The Philippines’ early history saw women as passive and did not give them enough room to spread their wings and maximize their potential. Back then, Filipino women contributed to the society but their roles were mostly limited to nurturing the family and managing the household. Women were also not encouraged to get a degree because they were not expected to have a career or hold key positions in organizations. But even so, many Filipinas were still able to make a significant impact on Philippine society and helped shape this nation in different ways. Through the changing times, the roster has been endless.

    This country takes pride in its women like Gabriela Silang, Melchora Aquino, Corazon Aquino, Josefa Llanes-Escoda, Cecile Licad, Lea Salonga, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Dr. Josette Biyo to name a few who have shown that mettle and excellence are things that women can ably show forth, inspiring and influencing the world around them.


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    Today, the modern Filipina still has that passionate heart for her family. She still has that caring, nurturing, serving facet to her character. But her soul is now much more able to rise to increasing challenges, face them, and crush the limits put around her ancestors. It is not unusual to see a Filipina running her own company, leading communities, speaking her mind, defending the country, shining in the global arena, holding the country’s top positions, and more, all while making sure that her family is well-taken care of. Today, more and more Filipino women boldly conquer various fields, make their marks, inspire excellence, and defy antiquated expectations of them.


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    By and large, the Filipino woman of today has become a beautiful balance of the gentle homemaker and feisty nation builder.


    Article by: Ingrid Soriano
    Photo courtesy of: (1) Philippine Tatler via filipiknow.net ; (2) inquirer.net ; (3) cnn philippines

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    Terrible. Bullshit.

    one year ago

    Great article!! I have been studying pinays for 6 years, and am currently writing a book about my experiences. True, the best women on EARTH, I believe. However, “some” (I am trying to distinguish between “types” of pinays, which is what led me to this article!) are also the most sneaky, mischievous, pitiful little things you will ever see. I think it comes down to “traditional” and “non-traditional” pinays. The western influence was good for Filipinos, but also negatively influenced their traditional mindset and sense of self-pride. Filipinas are the most beautiful women created by God. Were it not for technology, few westerners would know about pinays – and vice-versa. However, “some” pinays have ZERO standards when it comes to dating a foreigner. I am appalled/jealous whenever I see an 80+ caucasian guy with an 18 year old Filipina. Some say love has no age limits, but I’m calling bullsh*t. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I feel many pinays want even an old geezer to give them a better life. My purpose for writing my book is to show westerners that NOT ALL filipina women are gold diggers, or have ill motives, however. All I know is that Western women do NOT like Filipinas, as they fear many men are turning to these magnificent, once-unknown women. God bless you all and Salamat for reading. – Blaise

    one year ago

    its gud! helped me with my history project

    one year ago

    ayay! wa jud ko ka greet sa atong independence day maisjems .mau paka da kay naa ka flag pole diha sa inyo ehehhehe! murag mag naggubat sa pinas kay naka ibabaw man ang pula hehhee joke! na notice lang nako kadali reminded me when I was in elementary kasab-an me sa amo titser kay nabali ang flag imbis na blue ang sa ibabaw bring the good o’l days hehehe!gamay nalang antos mami, makauli na jud ka! happy trip!!!sowe sa late visit!

    4 years ago
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