December 08, 2021

Bring the Curious World of Hendrick’s Gin to your Festive Celebrations

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  • Bring the Curious World of Hendrick’s Gin to your Festive Celebrations
  • After the endless monotony of hitting ‘pause’ on gatherings, it’s time to raise yuletide spirits and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with your curious companions. From sensational soirees to intimate affairs, make your celebrations at home all the more spectacular with the help of delectable surprises from Hendrick’s Gin.

    Measurement Maestro Pack/IMAGE from Greenbulb Communications

    Whether you’re searching for a gift to delight a cocktail enthusiast or planning an evening of general festive mischief, you can count on the Measurement Maestro Pack, a limited time release for the holidays. Each pack comes with an intricate Hendrick’s Jigger and a 700mL bottle of wondrously refreshing Hendrick’s Gin, oddly infused with rose and cucumber for a delightful floral aroma that’s sure to elevate your favourite festive cocktails.

    Have these up your sleeve, and get easy-to-find mixers and garnishes such as the signature cucumber slices – you’ll be recreating your favourite Hendrick’s pours with such precision and finesse to dazzle your curious companions at the party.

    The Measurement Maestro Pack is available at S&R, and will be rolled out at The Marketplace from 17 December 2021.

    Host the most marvelous nights of merrymaking with festive Hendrick’s pours

    Make the year-end celebrations an exceedingly easy affair with an array of delicious festive cocktails that are spectacularly simple yet incredibly impressive.

    With all of the flair and none of fuss, spread the holiday cheer and raise a glass to those near and dear with the classic Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic. A splendid signature that couldn’t be simpler, this classic celebrates the distinct and unusual flavours of Hendrick’s Gin and its wondrous craft as every sip unravels its unique infusions of cucumber and rose. Light and refreshing, the Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic is perfect to kickstart the evening as you welcome guests to the party.

    To add some sparkle to the toasts, the Hendrick’s French 75, also known as Soixante Quinze in French, packs the flavoursome punch of aromatic gin, bubbly champagne and freshly squeezed lemon in one delicate flute. Reserved for the most special of occasions, this historic cocktail is best shared with only the greatest of friends.

    Hendrick’s French 75/IMAGE from Greenbulb Communications

    And as the momentous and memorable occasion begins to wind down, a comforting delight such as the Hendrick’s Hot Spiced Apple Punch makes the perfect nightcap of sweet spice and cheer. An intriguing concoction of gin, sweet apple juice and autumnal spices mulled over a fire, this cocktail will transport you and your loved ones to a warm, cosy cabin on a cold winter’s evening. Best served in an elegant teacup with a side of good cheer.

                                                  Hendrick’s Hot Spiced Apple Punch/IMAGE from Greenbulb Communications

    This Christmas, gift unusually

    Hendrick’s Gin Candle/IMAGE from Greenbulb Communications

    The Christmas soirees wouldn’t be complete without an exciting gift exchange! This season, Hendrick’s Gin invites you to gift unusually. With every purchase of two 700ml bottles of Hendrick’s Gin for your comrades who are just as passionate about the Gin-iverse as you are, you’ll get a Hendrick’s Gin Candle for added delight. And let’s face it, it’s also a great excuse to gift yourself as you shop for essentials for your festive frivolities at home. The Hendrick’s Gin Candles are available at selected retailers 2, while stocks last.

    For a limited time only, get a Hendrick’s Gin Candle with every purchase of two 700ml bottles of Hendrick’s Gin at the following retailers on the following dates:
    ● S&R (15th November to 31st December)
    The Marketplace (17th December onwards)
    Shotify, Liquor, Hurrys, Drinkies, Clink, Boozy, and The Booze Shop (19th November onwards)

    This is a press release. Minor edits were made prior to publishing.

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