August 31, 2021

Keep it Light at Home with Horoyoi; Now Available in Hapikle Flavor

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  • Keep it Light at Home with Horoyoi; Now Available in Hapikle Flavor
  • Over the past year, we’ve gotten so used to staying in on our Friday nights and weekends that it can sometimes get dull and boring, especially when we’re away from our family and friends. Luckily, there are still ways for us to stay connected and have fun at home even when we’re not physically together – from hosting watch parties and binging on the latest shows, taking online classes to learn new hobbies, or even organizing virtual game nights and hangouts. We’re never short of options when we need to kick back and relax at home and now, these can be made even more fun when paired with our favorite snacks and the perfect ready-to-drink beverage that is flavorful but with just the right amount of buzz.

    IMAGE from Horoyoi

    Where exactly would you find this sort of drink? Look no further than the land of the rising sun. Introducing Horoyoi, a canned chu-hi beverage with just 3% alcohol content and a variety of unique and limited-edition flavors. As Japan’s #1 mild alcoholic drink, Horoyoi encourages Filipinos to make home fun again for you and your loved ones with an enjoyable and casual drinking experience. Now available in the Philippines and distributed by leading Japanese alcohol company Beam Suntory, Horoyoi recently launched its all-new Hapikle flavor.

    What exactly is hapikle? It is a play on the words “happy” and “bikkle”, a popular sour milk beverage among Japanese youth with a distinctive taste that is reminiscent of sweet probiotic dairy drinks in the Philippines. The new Hapikle flavor from Horoyoi offers a nostalgic and indulgent taste that is an absolute must-try.

    Horoyoi is the perfect guilt-free hangout essential to relax and blissfully unwind with at home. Its delectable array of year-round and seasonal flavors offer a mild and pleasant taste that is a welcome change from the bitterness of other strong liquors.

    Also, its low alcoholic content provides a gentle texture that is guaranteed to still give you that light drink buzz without the killer hangover the next day so you can keep your days chill and the nights sweet with every deliciously refreshing sip. No matter the reason or occasion, drink to relax – at your own pace and in your own time – and make staying at home fun again with Horoyoi!

    IMAGE from Horoyoi

    “Our combination of refreshing flavors and low alcohol content make Horoyoi the perfect ready-to-drink beverage for light and casual drinkers who simply want to have a good time. With Horoyoi, you can keep your drinking sessions light and fun, even at a distance,” said Jessica Loh, Horoyoi’s Digital Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia.

    “With our new Hapikle flavor, we are excited to offer our Filipino fans a familiar taste from their childhood concocted with a smooth and gentle buzz that they can enjoy and appreciate as adults,” she added.

    Along with the new Hapikle flavor, Horoyoi is also available in White Grape, Red Grape, Peach, and White Sour. Shop for Horoyoi today at your local SM, S&R, and Puregold grocery mart or order on-demand through Lazada,, PandaMart, and GrabMart. Price starts at Php 57.

    Stay #HomeWithHoroyoi and #KeepItLight for a refreshing and relaxing time. Remember to visit their official Facebook page and follow them on Instagram to stay updated on all the latest announcements!


    About Horoyoi
    Horoyoi is a popular, canned chu-hi beverage with an alcohol content of 3%. With a variety of unique flavors offered year-round, as well as highly anticipated limited-edition seasonal flavors, Horoyoi is the perfect choice for an enjoyable and casual drinking experience.

    This is a press release. Minor edits were made prior to publishing.

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