March 18, 2020

TBA Studios Now Lets You Stream 7 of Its Movies for Free on YouTube

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  • TBA Studios Now Lets You Stream 7 of Its Movies for Free on YouTube
  • Now that the enhanced community quarantine has been implemented in the entire island of Luzon, people are asked to stay home to prevent the continuous transmission of COVID-19. If you are one of those people who love to go outside to pass time, it’s time to look for other ways to entertain yourself.  Why not start by delving into the world of quality independent Filipino films?

    Luckily, TBA Studios, an independent film company in the Philippines, just made seven of their films accessible on their YouTube channel. Yes, you can stream all of these for free!

    Bliss by Jerrold Tarog

    Bliss follows the story of Jane Ciego, a renowned actress who decided to produce her own film to earn respect in the film industry. Unfortunately, she gets involved in an accident during the production of the movie, which leaves her crippled. To avoid media attention, she transfers to a secluded house under the care of her husband and a personal nurse who can only be described as “strange.” Days went by and Jane little by little unravel at the seams and falls into madness in her own home.

    Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo by Mihk Vergara

    10-year old Meng is an avid fan and player of the Filipino game patintero despite being not good at it. This made her earn the nickname “Patalo” which translates to “loser.” Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo follows the young protagonist as she together with other so-called losers battles a team of high school students who are claiming their territory in the greatest game of their lives.

    Iisa (As One) by Chuck Gutierrez

    Iisa (As One) is a story of an endless war, a community ruined by a typhoon and a woman caught in between.

    Gayuma by Cesar Hernando

    Gayuma is a film about Mike, a UP College of Fine Arts student and budding artist. While in a happy and committed relationship with girlfriend, he gets strangely attracted and attached to a beautiful and mysterious figure drawing model in their school. What started as merely a fascination turns into a full-blown obsession that led to something darker.

    Dormitoryo (Dormitory) by Emerson Reyes

    Aling Linda, an uptight yet lonely widow, owns a dormitory. The dormitory becomes the setting for Dormitoryo, a story of seven tenants and seven different narratives all residing under one roof.

    Water Lemon Lemuel Lorca

    Featuring the coastal town of Mauban, Quezon, Water Lemon follows the everyday lives of a grieving widow, a handicapped bright man, and a helpless grandfather. Their paths interconnect with each other and creates a stir in their mundane lives.

    Matangtubig (Town In A Lake) by Jet Leyco

    The quiet town of Matangtubig gets turned upside down with the discovery of a dead and defiled body of a girl and another one missing. As the whole town is put to trial, the case gets nationwide coverage from the media. In the hopes to divert the attention away from their own secrets, the residents decide to put up their annual festival by the lake not knowing a lurking evil is out to get them,

    TBA Studios aims to introduce high-quality films and promote Filipino filmmakers around the globe.

    Source: TBA Studios website and Youtube account

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