January 10, 2020

Starbucks PH Launches New Matcha Tea Lattes

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  • New year, new stir for Starbucks Philippines as they launched two new matcha drinks for their Teavana Matcha Elevated series guaranteed to satisfy your #MatchaHearts!

    With a tagline “Together, a matcha made in heaven,” the coffee company and coffeehouse chain tossed two new flavors on their menu’s matcha selection: the Roasted Soybean Pure Matcha Latte and the Black Sesame Pure Matcha Latte With Taro Foam.

    The Roasted Soybean Pure Matcha Latte has that soft and cottony texture of matcha latte with toasted nuts for some added crunch to give a little bit of a contrast to its gentleness. This soybean treat has been poured with Okinawa brown sugar for some sugarcane molasses-like sweetness.

    IMAGE Starbucks Philippines’ Instagram

    On the other hand, the Black Sesame Pure Matcha Latte With Taro Foam is a drink that features a mild nutty flavor from the black sesame combined with pure matcha and finished off with taro foam and a sprinkle of taro powder on top.

    IMAGE Starbucks Philippines’ Instagram

    These cups of matcha beverage can be enjoyed in both hot and iced variants and are available in tall (Php 175), grande (Php 190), and venti (Php 205) sizes.

    A day before the launch of the Teavana Matcha Elevated series, Starbucks teased their patrons with a GIF posted on their official Facebook page, an illustration of their logo made in matcha powder with a hashtag #ComingSoon.

    The matcha you’ve been waiting for is almost here. Watch this space for the start of a multi-sensory trip. #ComingSoon

    Starbucks Philippinesさんの投稿 2020年1月5日日曜日

    Together with these new matcha beverages, Starbucks also brought back the Okinawa Sugar Latte, a beautiful concoction of espresso shots, steamed milk, and brown sugar sauce all in one cup.

    Try out these newest drinks at the nearest Starbucks in your location and get that “matcha made in heaven” flow on your throat! Also, don’t forget to visit their website Starbucks Philippines and follow their official Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for more updates on their food and beverages as well as new merchandise.

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    Happy sipping!

    Source: Starbucks Philippines
    Images grabbed from Starbucks Philippines

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