June 06, 2022

2020 Beauty Trends to Keep an Eye out For

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  • 2019 was an amazing year for beauty trends. The rise of innovative beauty products and even the introduction of sustainable beauty made 2019 a year of transformation for the beauty community.

    With a lot to live up to, 2020 promises trends that will not only take the year by storm but also take a step further in becoming more environment-friendly.  So without further ado, here are some of the beauty trends that you should look out for this 2020!



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    NEW YEAR, NEW COLOR TREND: #TWILIGHTINGHAIR Twilighting is a brunette shade with warm undertones, meaning the color reflects golden hues," colorist Karissa Schaudt told Popsugar. (She also adds that, while the technique is intended for people with a brown base, because the color's "objective is to accent a single process," it can be re-created on blondes and redheads as well.) "You'll be seeing a lot of this look in 2020 because it's a low-maintenance color that will carry from season to season," said Schaudt. "It grows out seamlessly, but a touch-up every 12 to 16 weeks is necessary so it doesn't grow into an outdated ombré. It just gives a basic brown hair color a touch more dimension." As for what to ask your colorist when you book an appointment: it's simple. "The look is achieved by painting a few gilded balayage pieces throughout, in addition to foiled 'babylights' placed around the hairline and a couple inches into the fringe or hairline to keep it looking current but uniform. The balayage is focused toward the back of the head and concentrated on the mid to ends of the hair to maintain a natural effect." Image Source: Instagram user karissakolorist . . . . #organichaircare #organichaircolor #veganhair #veganhaircolor #crueltyfree #crueltyfreehair #haircolor #gold #fallhaircolor #fall #instahair #hairstyling #hairstylist #hairartist

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    While the term twilighting would sound like something to be done to the face, the process actually involves the hair. Twilighting is a brunette shade with warm undertones that reflect golden hues – giving the basic brown hair a little bit of dimension. It is a low maintenance color that grows out seamlessly. The looks achieved with balayage layers and babylights that make for a natural and seamless effect. 

    Hair Pins

    In 2019, we saw the revival of sparkling, embellished, and metallic hairpins that brought us back to the vintage trends. If you weren’t able to catch on to the trend last year, fret not, you’ll still be able to join in on the trend this year as it shows no signs of dying down soon. These accessories are ideal for almost every occasion, including work! 

    Short Hairstyles

    While long hair and other hairstyles will always be timeless, short hairstyles such as bob cuts and pixie bobs will be popular for 2020. For bob cuts, the bob length will be at the jawline. However, a note to remember when getting your hair styled to a jawline bob is to avoid any severe layering and the shape should highlight your neckline and jawline for strong symmetry around the face.


    Sustainable Beauty

    In recent years, many beauty enthusiasts are starting to patronize products that are zero-waste. This includes products that contain less plastic, has fewer components and has thoughtful packaging. This not only ensures that consumers get safe and quality products but also helps in the cause to save Mother Earth. 

    Lip care

    Lip care will be just as important as skincare this 2020. The lips, much like the eyes, have the thinnest layer of skin so it is a must to also take care of it as much as you take care of your face and body. It’s important to hydrate and exfoliate your lips with different treatments (lip masks, scrubs, etc.) that will suit the needs of your lips. You might also want to consider looking out for multi-tasking lip products that will not only hydrate and nourish your lips but also give it color.

    Clean Beauty

    Products with natural ingredients are expected to make a rise this 2020. These days, more and more consumers are becoming cautious about what they put in their body–skincare and the likes are no exception. This year, it’s expected that products that are certified to be cruelty-free and are free of parabens, alcohols, dyes, and fragrances will take the market by storm.

    This is ideal for those with sensitive skin, cautious expectant mothers, and makeup lovers who wish to steer clear of products that are not made with natural ingredients.


    Blush Pink Makeup

    Blush pink is the shade that will take 2020 by storm. This year, it will be about wearing a bright pink hue that will make your skin glow. Get a pink flush by applying this shade to your cheeks, temples, and even use it as an eyeshadow color. The beauty of this shade is that it gets lovelier as you play with it.

    Subtle Glow

    With trends like glass skin and strobing in the past, one can only imagine the highlighter trend this year. This 2020, a subtle highlight or a subtle glow will be the highlighter trend. This trend will not only make your skin look healthier but it will also provide your skin with a natural glow that goes well with any look.

    Classic Bold Lips

    While K-Beauty and natural beauty have become very popular, a much bolder approach to makeup is set to return this year. This includes the classic bold lip that is usually seen during the latter months of the year. Natural bold lip shades are expected to be popular throughout the year but also the classic red and darker shades. 

    Personalized Products

    Personalized products, including personalized cosmetics, is expected to be popular this year. With the latest technology in the beauty industry, it will be easier to curate formulas for the specific needs of consumers. Personalized makeup such as lipstick and foundation will also be increasingly popular this year. 

    What trend are you excited to see this year? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments!

    Featured images grabbed from the official Instagram accounts of KIKO Milano and Piandré Salon.

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