June 14, 2018

Pedro n’ Coi in Resorts World Manila

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  • It’s hard to miss Pedro n’ Coi when you pass by it. In a distinguished space such as Resorts World Manila, the design of the restaurant is unlike any other in the mall.

    PEDRO N’ COI opens its doors to the crowd at Newport Mall

    Greeting diners at the entrance is the staple of all Filipino neighborhoods: the sari-sari store. It sports the usual signs and fares that any sari-sari store would have. On the other side of the entrance is a bright yellow jeepney, the King of Philippine roads.

    A typical facade of a Filipino sari-sari store

    The King of Philippine roads and the most iconic symbol of the Philippines: the jeepney

    The inside of the restaurant is just as quirky. There are painted movie posters that are reminiscent of old Manila, specifically Quiapo. As you move towards the back of the restaurant, you are transported from the city to the province. The window to the kitchen is made to look like a sidewalk eatery or carinderia. Designed like a typical ancestral house, its walls display trinkets of old such as a sungka board and a slingshot.


    Ubod Hubad

    It’s not just the interiors that scream Filipino, though. The menu also boasts a wide array of home-cooked Filipino favorites, some of which were renamed as Filipino pop culture references. First up are the appetizers. Pedro n’ Coi have a few diners can choose from, two of which are the Chippanga or sweet potato chips (Php 125) and ubod hubad or bamboo shoots in rice wrapper (Php 165).

    Sizzling Sisig Awww

    Their Sizzling Sisig Awww (Php 285) is sure to bring out the inner drinker in everyone. Unlike traditional sisig that’s made from pork snout, cheek, and ear, Pedro n’ Coi’s version is made with pork tenderloin.

    Joey De Lechon (Php 360)

    The restaurant’s best-seller is their Mayor Bistek or beef steak (Php 345). Who would have thought that a dish that started out as an employee’s meal would be a huge hit?

    More than Filipino pop culture and Filipinism (that almost borders on the satirical), Pedro n’ Coi is about introducing Filipino culture to foreigners and re-introducing them to the Filipino youth who have lost their identity. Befitting a theme that speaks of home, Pedro n’ Coi brings people home with their vibe and their food.

    Pedro n’ Coi is located at 4/F, Newport Mall, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay City. This is their fifth branch.

    Written by Katherine Zaballa

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