May 29, 2018

ManilaMed opens first ‘Gender Diversity Center’ in the Philippines

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  • ManilaMed opens first ‘Gender Diversity Center’ in the Philippines
  • As a step forward to create gender inclusive communities in the country, ManilaMed opens the first ever Gender Diversity Center in the Philippines.

    In its historic grand launch last May 25, ManilaMed proudly opened the Gender Diversity Center, which seeks to offer valuable services supervised by trusted medical professionals in their respective fields.

    Invited guests during the GDC launch 

    Distinguished guests, speakers, and LGBT acceptance advocates

    According to ManilaMed’s, the goal in establishing the center is to “help each person work out his or her own gender identity, assess his or her biological sex; allow him or her to choose his or her sexual preference, and help them transition to that gender role.”

    Services they provide include Psychosexual Evaluation and Exploratory Counseling, Family Counseling, Psychiatric Assessment, Puberty Suppression Therapy, Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy, Infectious Disease Consultation, Gender Re-Assignment Surgery, Legal Status Transitioning, and Pastoral Service.

    ManilaMed also seeks to go beyond the clinical and medical as they cater a more “comprehensive and holistic approach. “ It involves not just treating a person, but journeying with the person, and also the person’s family and loved ones.”  The Diversity Center will also hold psychological services, hormone therapy, and eventually, surgical management.

    To facilitate these services, the center will have a multi-disciplinary team which includes an adolescent pediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist, endocrinologist, surgeon, reconstructive surgeon, urologist, and family therapist.

    With the existence of a facility that serves the Filipino LGBT community, the Gender Diversity Center can now be of help by offering affordable services, while handling each case with utmost discretion, respect, and compassion.

    For inquiries about the Gender Diversity Center, you may call 523-8131 to 65 loc. 3008.

    With information from Manila Med’s press release; images courtesy of ManilaMed

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