May 12, 2018

PH Launch of Sony Bravia OLED 2018 and LED 4K HDR TVs

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  • The name Sony has its origin from the Latin word sonus that could mean both ‘sound’ and ‘style’. True to this, Sony launched a new Bravia OLED TV for 2018 as well as their latest LED 4K HDR TV series that includes new technologies. Sony delivers well for customers to have even more immersive, engaging, cinematic experience with striking highlights, deeper darks, and vibrant colors.

    Anthony Pangilinan, TV Host and Sony Bravia OLED brand ambassador, poses beside the Bravia OLED A8F

    Launched on May 8 at the Conrad Manila, Sony Philippines unveiled the new Sony Bravia OLED TV A8F to announce yet another breakthrough in designs, feature, and user experience. Along with the Sony Bravia LED Televisions, the latest products are exceptionally designed for enhanced contrast, color, and clarity.

    Present at the event were Noboyoshi Otake, Sony Philippines Managing Director and Coycoy Cordova, Bravia Senior Product Marketing Officer who spoke on the 3 elements they are highlighting for the 2018 series: Slice of Living design, Picture and Sound, and User Experience. Building on the huge success experience with the A1 OLED series last year is the new 4K HDR OLED A8F. With a slimmer design which adapts their Slice of Loving philosophy. The new A8F series delivers stunning picture & unparalleled sound in a new TV design. Despite its slim outlook, it still packs a punch in the features department.

    Nobuyushi Otake talks about three elements they are highlighting for the 2018 series: Slice of Living design, Picture and Sound, and User Experience

    Coycoy Cordova, Bravia Senior Product Marketing Officer

    The A8F series produces an incredibly detailed picture with deep blacks, rich and realistic colors, and an exceptionally wide viewing angle. Its X1 Extreme processor empowers each product unique and real-time processing for ultra-detailed pictures. Let the 4K HDR quality take your breath away. Not only does A8F produce true black but also a wider range of brightness, color gamut, and motion clarity. The vision comes together in “Soft Minimalism”, a concept that fuses warm welcoming shapes and textures with no-frills configurations to deepen the viewing experience.

    Even with a 55mm thickness, the A8F is packing top technologies to produce the best pictures and worthwhile experiences

    Highlights of the event were the Acoustic Surface technology inspired by the LED cinema setup where the speakers are placed at the back of the screens that allows sound to be accurately projected from the screen. The technology allows the television to perfectly match the sound to the pictures on the screen. Paired with their new Dolby Atmos Sound Bar, the Sony Bravia OLED a*F opens up a whole new world of content and entertainment by the television’s internet capabilities and streaming application services. With their advanced user interface powered by Android, you can command your TV to navigate TV shows and movies, download your favorite apps, play games, or just get answers to your questions, using multiple Google accounts.

    Sony Brand Ambassador Anthony Pangilinan, Host Issa Litton, Sony’s Coycoy Cordova and Noboyushi Otake with the A8F

    In addition, the launch also introduced the Sony Bravia LED televisions to answer the demand for a wider variety of large LED screen premium 4K HDR televisions. They are the X9000F series, X8500F series, X8300F series, X7500F series, and X700F series. These are equipped with the latest technologies that Sony has to offer. From the 43″ to the 85″ range of sizes, there is a TV for any budget and needs. With Sony Android, enabling a wide array of content to choose from such as video streaming applications such as Netflix and other sources of added content.

    Each television balances both design and unparalleled experience of picture and sound. With the Philippine government implementing the shift from analog to digital TVs following the Japanese digital TV standard, Sony is telling consumers that now is the time to purchase a premium television. Sony is proving that they deserve the sonus name by delivering both sound and style every time.

    Written by Heloise Diamante

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