August 16, 2017

Kenny Rogers Roasters launches the new Garlic Butter Roast Chicken

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  • Kenny Rogers Roasters launches the new Garlic Butter Roast Chicken
  • Power couple Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico take #RelationshipGoals to a whole new level as they become the newest ambassadors of Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines.

    Garlic Butter Roast Chicken

    They started off hot on digital with a steamy Solenn delectably eating a leg of roasted chicken, which caused frenzy of views and shares online. A few days later this was followed by a hilarious material of Nico teaching his wife “how to be a true endorser”. Nico himself was the one who came up with the classic line “The chicken and you is one.”

    New endorsers Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff

    There were eventually revealed as teasers for the Kenny Rogers Roasters’ brand-new opening, the Garlic Butter Roast.

    Sexy and funny has always been the trademark of the Bolzico couple which inspired Kenny Rogers Roasters to launch the Garlic Butter Roast through an exciting experience called The Awesome Sensession.

    The Awesome Sensession was held in Kenny Rogers Matalino branch where guests were taken on a food journey by hearing, smelling and tasting Garlic Butter Roast, through blindfolding themselves to lose their sense of sight and heighten their other senses.

    Kenny Rogers Roasters is a popular rotisserie chicken restaurant in the Philippines. Since 1995, it has been serving its famous menu from its signature roasted chicken, muffins and side dishes. Until today, it continues to expand its offerings by creating deliciously healthy choices. That’s what keeps Kenny’s deliciously awesome!

    This is an edited press release.

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