August 11, 2020

Philippine Primer – Volume 52

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    COVER STORY- Among the many changes that the world has seen no thanks to the pandemic, the mindless touching of things and surface is one mundane conduct that has somehow become taboo. Because unless you want to risk yourself of acquiring the virus, you would lay your hands on whatever without being too cautious. However, there are stuff we can’t help being in contact with no matter how much we try, with money on top of the list. So for the month of August, Philippines Primer dived a little deeper into the world of cashless transaction to help people lessen their interaction with money as much as possible, which has probably been touched by countless hands already.

    Apart from this, we also rounded up a number of restaurants where you can dine in again after a while, as well as the how-tos of vegetable gardening at home for those who are looking to grow their own produce!


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