January 11, 2020

Philippine Primer – Volume 46

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    Features of the issue

    COVER Being the oldest Chinatown in the world, Binondo is one of the most coveted shopping and food destinations in the Philippines. In its bosom is the quintessential Chinatown and spread across the district are streets harboring a vast array of restaurants, temples, feng shui stores, and wellness shops, all exuding a Chinese feast waiting to be explored. What ‘s more is that you can score various cheap finds in the nearby Divisoria, just steps away from Chinatown. Join Philippine Primer as we take you to a celebration of Chinese culture and shopping escapades you don’t want to miss this January! the Philippines and rediscover the many wonders that keep people coming back to it.

    JAPAN SPECIAL- As the drapes of the season open widely into a brand new year, Philippines Primer gives you a recollection of a wonderful time you can experience at Japan’s charming port city in Hokkaido. In this issue, Philippines Primer sheds light on the Hakodate with a depiction of its local life, Japanese cuisine, and scenery that will get you acquainted with Japan’s laid-back yet vibrant side.


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