November 11, 2018

Philippine Primer – Volume 31

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  • COVER- Coffee places have become a place for friends’ hearty catch-ups, an extension of workspace for businessmen, and a haven for people who simply want to spend a quiet time while savoring a cup of coffee and eating good food. In this issue, Philippine Primer goes on a coffee spree to introduce some of the best cafes in and around Metro Manila for every type of cafe-goer.

    JAPAN SPECIAL- Just when you think you have seen enough of it -in books, travel programs, or personal visits-Tokyo keeps on surprising. There is always something new to discover, and no visit is ever the same. Join Philippine Primer as we take you around some of the hottest spots and restaurants that every visitor, especially the first-timer, needs to experience in this lifetime.

    TRAVEL- For the many busy bees of the metro, one of the best places to do a day trip is Antipolo City. Located only an hour east of Metro Manila, it’s a place brimming with culture, food, and adventure-if you know where to look. It’s a good place for weekend trips thanks to its cool climate, and the distance makes it easy for anyone to get there without taking too much time from their day.

    PLUS! Learn about where and how Oktoberfest began, how it has been adopted in the Philippines, and where to celebrate it in Metro Manila!


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