August 14, 2019

Philippine Primer – Volume 41

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    Features of the Issue
    COVER – Many might find the ominious weather conditions surrounding Batanes an unfortunate barrier that isolates this little archipelago from the rest of the world. However, upon seeing the beautifully preserved nature and heritage of the province, you’ll find that, if anything, the typhoons and the harsh water are heaven-sent-a loving gift to preserve this beloved land. As a province of the Philippines, Batanes is one that offers a very unique experience of culture, people, and cuisine. This month, we take you to the heaven’s- and now, our -beloved province to give but a small glimpse of just how precious Batanes is.

    TREET – A bustling piece of Japan in Makati, Little Tokyo is home to a Japanese food community that replicates the ambiance of the lantern-lit dining alleys in Japan. It welcomes not only the homesick Japanese but also curious locals and expats that are looking for good Japanese fare or an izakaya experience after work. In this issue, we revisit Little Tokyo and a new community of restaurants that have sprouted around this iconic neighborhood.


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