September 27, 2017

Philippine Primer – Volume 18

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  • COVER – Olah! One of the best things about Spanish cuisine is it’s big food servings, you get to share a large pan of sumptuous paella with your friends or family. A plate of delicious tapas and pintxos with a glass of Sangria is also a perfect way to enjoy Spanish cuisine. From the usual favorites to little-known restaurants, Philippine Primer will show you the best restaurants that will give you the real taste of Spain, this September.

    TRAVEL – Philippine Primer visits not one but two of the most historical places in the country: Bataan and Corregidor! This small province in Central Luzon played a vital role during World War II when Filipino and American soldiers battled against the Japanese forces that also led to the country’s freedom. Learn more about the country’s history as we take you to Corregidor, an island which is also known as “The Rock.” In this feature, find out why Bataan & Corregidor are slowly becoming a tourist haven with its well-preserved attractions, historical sites, and top-notch resorts. See the ruins, tunnels, memorials, canyons, and the other war memorabilia that remind people of the bravery of the soldiers who fought the war.

    SPECIAL FEATURES – Revamp your office space and give it a bit more personality with inspiration from Space Encounters, one of the coolest offices in the metro. See how they’ve designed their workstations and halls not just to make their office look cool, but to also give their employees a bit of inspiration.


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