March 14, 2020

Philippine Primer – Volume 48

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    Features of the issue

    STREET- For people For whom going out of town is rarely a handy option, “staycation” and “spa day” have been coined as alternative means of refuge that are more practical and attainable. Metro Manila may well be the cradle of all kinds of stress, but the plentitude of hotels and spas are ready to redeem you from the dark abyss. Turn immediately to the Street section to find these saving graces of the city.

    COVER- If you are lucky enough to escape from the metro, where do you go? Let this month’s travel feature allure you to a mystical, spellbinding paradise we have found in El Nido, Palawan – where many visitors have easily been converted into townsfolk. For what reason? It may have been the extraordinary nature surrounding the town. It may have been the tranquil lifestyles. Or the dynamic community that makes it easy to have friends and connections everywhere in town. Visit El Nido and see for yourself.

    JAPAN SPECIAL – This month’s featured destination in Japan is also all about relief from worldly troubles and getting closer to nature. As the country’s most unspoiled region, Hokkaido offers something fresh to visitors with more nature than skyscrapers and greater immersion in solitude rather than hustling crowds. In this issue, we give you ways to enjoy five days of respite in this truly promising island of Hokkaido.


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