May 10, 2018

Philippine Primer – Volume 26

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  • COVER – Recently, Japanese restaurants in Manila have increased both in number and quality. Now we can enjoy the same high-quality cuisine as if you were in Japan. For May, Philippine Primer is raiding the streets of Manila to find the best of these all-time Japanese favorites for everyone to try. In addition, we’ll show you some restaurants that specialize in specific Japanese dish; whether it’s tempura, tonkatsu, shabu-shabu, sushi, or okonomiyaki there’s a dish for everyone to enjoy.

    TRAVEL- Beach resorts will always be everyone’s go-to summer destination, and none are quite as accessible as those in the province of Batangas. From family-friendly beaches to pristine private coves, Batangas possibly has the most variety of beaches and beach accommodations to offer compared to other destinations. This month, let Philippine Primer guide you through the many beach resorts in Nasugbu, Laiya, Anilao, and lesser-known Matabungkay for you to find that perfect beach resort-all without having to step outside the island of Luzon.

    PLUS! Channel your inner Picasso with the help of these arts and craft shops in Manila. From nifty craft supplies to cool materials for DIY-ers, we’ve got the goods on where to get your next art project supplies.


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