March 12, 2018

Philippine Primer – Volume 24

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  • COVER- While there a lot of restaurants in the metro, some of them are not the ideal spots for your kids to enjoy.
    For your family’s next day out, why not choose a restaurant that both kids and adults can eat at and have fun?
    From cute, colorful dishes to free toys and activities to keep your kids busy, there are lots of ways to turn a simple family day into another great memory.

    TRAVEL- At the ‘City of Smiles,” you will be greeted by cheerful faces that will warmly accommodate you as you go around different parts of Bacolod. Besides the popular Bacolod chicken inasal, there are many other delicious finds in the restaurants and cafes that line major streets like Lacson Street. Bacolod is also home to many historic temples and heritage sites and serve as a gateway to many of Negros’ most captivating spots, particularly beaches.
    Plus! Get a look at some of the flexible workspaces in Manila that will fit your needs, work culture, and budget.


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