August 10, 2017

Philippine Primer – Volume 17

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  • COVER – Are you eating your veggies? For all vegetable lovers and people who just
    want to eat healthy, we’ve gathered some of the freshest and delicious salads in
    Metro Manila that you should try.
    Gone are the days when salads were considered to be just side dishes or boring greens
    in the menu. Try some of the featured hearty salads that are filling enough to make
    a meal by itself. Or choose from this list if you prefer a mild and refreshing salad
    to accompany a heavy meal. If you are new in the vegetarian lifestyle, let our cover
    story help you start easy.

    TRAVEL – Famed for its perfectly conical shaped Mayon Volcano, Legazpi in Albay is
    more than just its natural scenery. In this issue, Philippine Primer takes you to an
    unforgettable road trip in Bicolandia: the land of spicy Filipino cuisine, off-road
    vehicle adventure, and wildlife explorations.

    SPECIAL FEATURES – You might happen to see some fishes in the market that you want to
    try, but are not familiar with how to cook it. This month, Philippine Primer is
    providing a visualguide for the different fish that can only be found here in Philip-
    pines. Plus! Finding a great doctor that fits your family is important and can
    sometimes be a lot of work,especially if you’re new in the metro. Here we feature a
    list of recommended local doctors who are well-known in their respective fields. Happy


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