July 30, 2018

Avoid Phishing with These Tips from BDO

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  • Ever since the world first made it online, people have been split into two groups: those who advocated the convenience it provided and those who claimed that it created new ways for criminals to fool others.

    The advent of online banking has made transactions a breeze. However, it also made scams easier to enact. One of the more common scams is “phishing,” which are email scams designed to obtain sensitive banking information and other personal data.

    These emails usually contain links that could lead clients to pages that look like the bank’s login page. Some links may also generate a pop-up window requesting clients to enter personal and financial information.

    As one of the biggest banks in the country, BDO employs online banking. Although the bank has already taken steps to minimize the impact of phishing, they would still like to remind their clients to take extra caution and have issued the following reminders:

    • BDO will never contact clients by phone or email to ask for confidential and sensitive information such as internet banking username, password, or one-time password.
    • The bank will never request for a password change through email. Changing internet banking passwords should only be done after successfully logging on the banking site. Emails requesting for such should not be entertained.
    • Watch out for URL redirects as these are different websites made to look like the bank’s page.
    • Do not click on any links provided in emails. Always type the website address to get to the bank’s login page.
    • Should clients suspect that they have received emails meant for phishing, they should forward said email to ReportPhishing@bdo.com.ph. If clients think they have responded to a phishing scam, they should immediately change their online banking password by logging in to BDO Personal Online Banking.

    Always remember that the best way to keep safe from fraud is to keep all personal and financial information confidential at all times.

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    This is a press release from BDO Unibank. Minor edits were made prior to publishing.

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