July 15, 2018

15 Ways to Reuse Teabags

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  • What’s brewed, drank either hot or cold, harvested in Asia, associated with Britain, used in a political protest in the United States, and enjoyed by the whole world? The answer is none other than tea.

    It’s already common knowledge that tea, both black and green, has a myriad of health benefits. This is why tea drinkers keep dozens of boxes filled with tea bags.

    Although most tea bags can be used more than once, many prefer to do away with it after brewing a cup. However, just because the bag seems to give a weaker brew the second time around, it doesn’t mean that it is without its uses.


    • Keep Cookware from Rusting

    To keep cookware spic and span, wipe it with a damp bag of black tea after every use.

    Spotless cookware

    • Fridge Deodorizer

    Baking soda is often used to get rid of fridge odors but you can use tea bags in exchange of or in addition to baking soda. Just pop in a few dry tea bags in the fridge and they’ll take care of the rest.

    • Remove Grease from Plates

    Grease is notoriously difficult to remove from plates and if you don’t plan on shelling out elbow grease, just soak the dishes along with some used tea bags in warm water for a few minutes.

    • Flavoring for Pasta and Grains

    It might seem unconventional but you can use tea to give them some flavor. Hang used tea bags in a pot of boiling water. After letting them steep, add the pasta.

    Add some flavor to your grains

    • Tenderize Meat

    Black tea can be used as a meat tenderizer and as a marinade. Mix weak tea with either water or wine to flavor your meat.


    • Glass Cleaner

    To keep windows and mirrors spotless, spray some weak tea to glass surfaces then wipe with a lint-free cloth.

    • Floor and Wood Furniture Cleaner

    For clean floors and pristine furniture, boil a couple of tea bags in two pints of water and let cool. Dip a soft cloth in the tea and wipe the surface clean. Use a clean, soft cloth to dry. Remember to use it only for dark furniture as it doubles as a light dye.

    Polish wooden furniture and stain them a bit with tea

    • Carpet and Rug Cleaner

    Tea can help freshen up carpets and rugs. Empty the dry contents of used tea bags and let it sit for 15 minutes. Vacuum or sweep gently afterward.

    • Closet Freshener

    To combat musty closet smells, place dry tea bags inside.

    Keep the closet and your clothes smelling fresh

    • Pest Control

    Place dry tea bags in places where pests like mice and other insects may enter or pass through. You can also add a few drops of your essential oil to the bag to freshen up your home.


    • Mouthwash

    If you want to save some money on oral hygiene, just make weak tea and gargle with it.

    Skip store-bought mouthwash and go natural

    • Eye Serum

    Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles with used tea bags. Place cooled tea bags on eyes and let rest for two minutes.

    • Hair Treatment

    Does your hair look dull and lifeless? You can use tea to give it some shine and volume. Just brew up to two pints of tea, let cool, and use as a final rinse after shampoo and conditioner. You can actually skip the conditioner because the tea acts as one too.

    • Hair Dye

    Apart from providing voluminous, shiny locks, you can also use tea to cover gray hairs. Steep the bags in boiling water and add rosemary and sage. Adjust the amount as preferred and let stand overnight before straining. Just be sure you want dark hair before using the mixture.

    • Get Rid of Smelly Feet

    Remove foot odors by soaking your feet in a vat of warm water mixed with used tea bags. You can also place dry tea bags in your shoes to go with your now deodorized feet.

    Goodbye, cheese smell!

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