June 09, 2018

Credit vs Debit vs Prepaid Cards

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  • Cashless payments have changed both the way we spend and save. It has become more practical to have electronic payment cards rather than pocket big amounts of cash. In the Philippines, there are card types to choose from: credit, debit, and prepaid. Let Philippine Primer break them down as well as share the best ways to use them.

    Credit Card

    A credit card allows you to borrow money from a bank to make purchases. You will need to pay back within a “grace period” of 25-30 days. Late payments will result in additional interest or penalties on top of the amount borrowed.

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    Many credit cards give you rewards for purchases and paying back on time. There is a credit limit but ultimately no maintaining balance. It is easy to get into debt with the bank if you overspend using your credit card.

    Best use: Ticket items such as concerts, flights, etc., big expensive items such as household appliances, also best for online shopping

    Prepaid Card

    A prepaid card is a reloadable credit card and using it feels just like using cash. Without a bank account, you can spend money without a maintaining balance and interest fees.  The card needs to be reloaded once the amount is used up.

    Prepaid cards are usually used to curb impulse buying many consumers may have a problem with. However, most prepaid cards cannot be used in an ATM, meaning you cannot withdraw cash once you have loaded it on the prepaid card.

    Best use: Flights for frequent travelers and online shopping

    Debit Card

    A debit card, the most straightforward of the three, is linked to a bank account where the amount used is deducted from. This card can be used at an ATM to withdraw cash.

    Debit cards also record your transactions and require a maintaining balance on your bank account. However, because it is connected to a bank account, there is a threat to security once the card details are known during an online payment or when the card is stolen.

    Best use: Small, everyday items

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    Written by Heloise Diamante
    Image source: pxhere.com
    Sources: www.imoney.ph, www.securitybank.com

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