March 22, 2018

What You Need to Know about Switching to EMV Cards

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  • Since January 31, 2018, BDO Unibank has deactivated and stopped accepting transactions using old, non-EMV ATM debit cards. Likewise, for BDO Kabayan account holders, non-EMV cards will be deactivated starting March 28. This was done mainly in compliance with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) mandate for all banks to migrate to EMV by June 30, 2018.

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    If you’re wondering what it is and why the BSP has deemed it necessary to “push the banking industry towards full adoption of EMV technology at a much faster pace,” here’s what you need to know about EMV, including how to finally switch to one with BDO.

    EMV is a global standard for security and convenience

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    EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa, a joint effort of the three biggest names in the payment card industry to create a global standard for card transactions using chip technology. Compared to the traditional magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards feature enhanced security capabilities like encryption locks and keys to authenticate the card and the cardholder’s transactions, significantly minimizing the risk of fraud and theft.

    Besides the security features, EMV technology offers greater convenience in terms of payment. EMV cards are widely accepted as a payment mode in establishments and online transactions in the Philippines and worldwide.

    Getting your new BDO EMV debit card is free and easy

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    For retail BDO Debit Card clients, you can claim your new card personalized with your name only at your branch of account, i.e. where you opened your BDO account. If you prefer to get your card at another branch, you will be given an unnamed card. Be sure to bring at least one Philippine government ID with photo and signature when getting your new BDO EMV Debit Card for free. Note that new card requests due to loss or damage are charged a Php 150 replacement fee.

    In case you’re out of the country or not available to get your new card, you can send someone else to claim it for you. Just have them bring an original or scanned copy of the signed and accomplished Letter of Authorization from BDO, a copy of your (account holder) Philippine government ID, and the Philippine government ID of your authorized representative.

    For BDO Payroll cardholders, you can coordinate with your HR department for the replacement of your non-EMV cards.

    Be sure to change your PIN right away!

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    Immediately after claiming your new BDO EMV Credit Card, you can go to the nearest BDO ATM to change your pin in quick, easy steps:

    1. Insert your card.
    2. Select “Other Services.”
    3. Select “PIN Change.”
    4. Enter any 6-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number), e.g. 645372, 879224, etc.
    5. Enter your desired PIN.
    6. Re-enter your desired PIN.
    7. Wait for the message: “New PIN has been generated.”
    8. Get the transaction receipt.

    After you get your new card, your old non-EMV Debit Card can no longer be used. It is recommended, however, to cut the magstripe portion of your old card as you dispose of it.

    Want to know more? Visit the website of BDO at or contact them at (02)631-8000.


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