December 14, 2017

Chirstmas Gift Ideas for the Athlete

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  • Among your friends, the athlete or the fitness freak may have the only unique wishlist for Christmas. And you certainly wouldn’t give a fitness buff a box of chocolates for Christmas, would you? It might be a bit challenging to find the perfect gift for this kind of friend, but the only thing you have to keep in mind is how you could be the most supportive and thoughtful pal to an athletic friend.

    Support your friend’s fitness goals by giving them one of these Christmas gift ideas!

    MP3 Player

    We all need some good music during a run or a hike. For an athlete, an ideal MP3 player should at least have a clip-on design, Bluetooth, big capacity, and long battery life. To make this gift more special, you could save a playlist specially curated by you before giving it to your athlete friend!

    Wireless Headphones

    Help make running and working out more comfortable for your friend. Wireless headphones are a smarter choice now for athletes—no cords getting tangled or dancing around while they do their drill! Besides noting the sound quality and noise cancellation function, be sure to also get the headphone design that your friend will like!

    Gym Bag or Pouch

    IMAGE The Wirecutter

    Athletes do have their own vanity items (a lot for sure) and need a good kit to carry them all. Gift your athlete friend a gym bag or pouch with many compartments for easy organization, water resistant to endure the wet weather, and durable so they don’t have to find a new one right away.

    Hydration Pack

    IMAGE CamelBak

    If there’s one thing athletes need to have with them all the time, it’s a big bottle of water to keep them hydrated throughout their workout. A water bottle, however, is a hassle to carry around. Ideal for runners and hikers, a hydration pack is a water carrier designed like a backpack or waist bag with a straw-like drinking tube.

    Spa Gift Card

    Besides everything fitness or sports-related, an athlete would appreciate a treat to a nice massage or steam bath. Encourage your athlete friend to take a break and re-energize after their physical activities. They deserve it, too!

    Are you an athlete with your own wishlist? Share your ideal gift with us below!

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño
    Images grabbed from: The Wirecutter, CamelBak Facebook page

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