November 30, 2017

Deciphering the BGC Bus Routes

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  • Bonifacio Global City, or BGC, is more than just a business hub. It’s a place where ideas are born, incubated, and eventually brought out for the whole country to see. It’s seen as a model city of sorts: walkable streets, lots of green spaces, and a mass transport system that’s more efficient than anything seen outside of BGC.

    EURO-4 COMPLIANT BUSES. Not only are they efficient, they’re environmentally friendly!/IMAGE The Fort Bus Facebook page

    The BGC Bus is something that Metro Manila (or the Philippines for that matter) hasn’t seen before, yet is common in developed countries: a fleet of buses guided by a schedule and a pre-determined route that operates within a certain area and will only drop off and load passengers in designated bus stops that costs only Php 12 per ride.

    Think of the buses in New York City. London. Japan. Seoul. Hong Kong. Singapore. Taiwan. Now take that idea and pop it into BGC. Voila! You’ve got yourself an efficient means of moving around BGC, complete with GPS-tagged buses, a cashless payment system, and drivers who will try their hardest to stick to the schedule without compromising the safety of their passengers and other vehicles in BGC.

    With something this unique to the country, it’s led to people being confused. Commuters are used to simply shouting “Para!” to get off where they want to instead of planning where they get off so they avoid long walks to their destination.

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    Well, worry no more. Here’s a guide to each of the BGC Bus Routes and the places where they can take you:


    These are your tried and tested routes that go through the entirety of BGC. With multiple stops, they may take a while, but these are the ones you’ll likely use if you’re always in BGC.

    Central Route

    Barring those routes originating from the EDSA Ayala Bus Terminal, this is possibly the most used route for BGC Bus regulars. It takes you around BGC without leaving the area, starting at Market! Market! and ending at University Parkway. It goes through several of BGC’s high-rise buildings but more importantly, it’s the best link between Bonifacio Stopover and Bonifacio High Street via the One Parkade and NutriAsia bus stops.

    It runs from Monday to Sunday, 6 am to 10 pm.


    North Route

    This one is for anyone who frequents places like Uptown Bonifacio yet does not like the long-ish walk between Uptown and High Street via 9th Avenue. It’s also ideal for those working at Globe Tower and RCBC to get to Uptown without enduring that walk or having to hail a cab. Got a party or rave to get to at The Palace in the middle of the week? Take the BGC Bus instead of struggling to find a place to park!

    North Route runs from Monday to Friday, 6 am to 10 pm.


    Night Route

    For every single night owl in BGC who doesn’t like walking, the Night Route is their saving grace. As the name implies, it only operates at night and goes through nearly every stop save for a few that can only be accessed via the North Route. It starts at the EDSA Ayala Terminal and ends at Fort Victoria, with stops at Bonifacio Stopover and Crescent Park for your nightly food crawls.

    Night Route runs from Monday to Sunday, 10 pm to 6 am.



    The onset of BGC employees coming via EDSA has prompted some changes to their routes. Gone are the East, Lower West, and Upper West Routes of BGC Bus from Mondays to Fridays. They were replaced earlier this year with the Express Routes, which have minimal stops in key locations within BGC and run from 6 am to 10 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

    East Express

    By far the simplest one to take, since you go straight from the EDSA Ayala Bus Terminal to Market! Market!, this one is perfect for anyone who frequents Market! Market! or Serendra.

    North Express

    Headed somewhere north of BGC from EDSA Ayala? Then the North Express is for you. It has stops in HSBC, Globe Tower, NutriAsia, and BGC Turf for anyone who’s headed north towards Uptown… or for a short game of football.

    Upper West Express

    Want to get to Bonifacio Stopover or Crescent Park in a heartbeat? Take the Upper West Express. It was made specifically for people working within that area who would’ve otherwise have had to struggle with longer travel times via the old Upper West route.

    Lower West Express

    Work anywhere around RCBC or Net One? Looking for something at Forbestown? Then take the Lower West Express, with stops at RCBC, Net One, and Fort Victoria.


    Written by Andronico Del Rosario

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