November 04, 2017

DIY Christmas Decors That Are Practical, Artsy & Eco-Friendly

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    Christmas is nearing and people are probably racking their brains not just on where to get the best but also the most practical holiday decorations. You would have to wander around aimlessly on every aisle of the department store, haggle over expensive items, or play tug of war over limited finds. We know… It can be that hard.

    So this year, we urge you to veer off from the holiday decor sale and stay at home to make your own Christmas ornaments! Hit the old storage room instead and look for any items you can reuse for your very own unique hand-crafted Christmas decor!

    Check out the following ways you can make your own decor, foster your creative side, and save pennies!

    DIY Christmas tree

    There are different materials you can use for your Christmas tree. You could cut scratch papers into the shape of leaves and glue them together on a stick. You could stick branches and colorful trinkets on the wall to form a 2D Christmas tree. Or you could use plastic bottles! In this video by Recycled Bottles Crafts on YouTube, all you need are a few plastic bottles, a glue gun, a cheap necklace, white acrylic paint, some glitter powder, and glue!

    DIY Snowman

    Bring the spirit of white Christmas even if you’re in a tropical land! You can also make your own snowman at home just by using old socks. See how tCraft made cute snowmen in this YouTube video:

    DIY Christmas Lantern

    An indispensable part of Christmas decoration, the lanterns are also one of the easiest to make. You could use scratch paper, old cartons,  plastic cups or strings to craft your own lantern. In this video by chrisBcheA27, they used plastic forks and bottles to make a twinkling star lantern!

    DIY Christmas Light Balls

    You may already have old Christmas lights that you used in the past years and may be thinking of buying new ones, but you don’t have to! You just have to make them more interesting with DIY light balls made with yarn. All you need are colorful yarns, balloons, and glue, and then follow the steps on Chandni’s DIY Decor‘s YouTube video:

    Do you have other DIY Christmas decor ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments!

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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