October 14, 2017

Six Steps to a Smart Study Space

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  • A smart way to encourage good homework habits for your kids is to set up a designated study space that’s just for them. As parents, it is your duty to make sure that the study space will be comfortable, well lit, and fun to learn in as it should become a place that they won’t mind settling into with their homework.

    Whether it is part of your home office or it occupies a portion of one of your living spaces, all you need are a few basic elements to fire up little scholars. Pottery Barn Kids, a company who has made it their mission to give quality pieces for families everywhere have listed some steps that can be very useful for future reference that  includes the following:

    Step 1: Choose furniture that is sized for kids

    Pottery Barn Kids: Madeline Desk

    Choose pieces of furniture that is the right size for your kid or children. Comfort is always the key to making sure kids can concentrate on their homework. Getting pieces of furniture with the right size for kids will get you there. Try to find one that’s adjustable; that way, when they grow, it grows with them.

    Step 2: Make sure the place has adequate lighting


    IMAGE Pottery Barn Kids

    It’s hard adults to work if the work area is too bright or too dark; the same can be said for kids. A lamp or focused lighting can do wonders for their focus, along with making sure their eyesight is protected.

    Step 3: Take cues from schoolrooms

    Pottery Barn Kids: Cameron Book Case

    Brighten your child’s study corner with fun educational tools, like a globe, vintage flashcards, or a colorful abacus. It would be of great help if you paint the walls of their study nook with chalkboard paint. It will help them practice their writing, do better in math, enhance their creativity through drawing, and later on prevent you from having to scrub crayons or chalk marks drawn on walls painted in regular paint.

    Step 4: Have a “trophy corner”

    Pottery Barn Kids: Morgan Desk

    Adults get to show off their awards and achievements on shelves and walls, right? You can do the same for your kid to keep them motivated and continuously do good with regards to their studies. Get them a chalkboard, a small shelf or even a cubby hole for them to put on their report cards, trophies, medals, and the like.

    Step 5: Reading corner

    Pottery Barn Kids :Rugby Stripe and Addison Storage Canvas

    Homework usually mean having to read, and not having a comfortable spot for reading will drive your kids nuts! Give your kid a nice and comfy chair with good lighting, leaving them reading for hours and hours.

    Step 6: Don’t skimp on storage

    Pottery Barn Kids: Cameron Wall System

    Make sure you give your kids a place to store whatever tools they use when they study- writing utensils, notepads, art supplies, etc. Have drawers and containers for them to put their things away in, as well as bins and boxes for any of their prized projects.

    Following these steps may not instantly produce a genius, but a revamp to your child’s study corner will do wonders for their study habits. To see any of these pieces, you may visit Pottery Barn Kids at Central Square, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City; Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, and at Estancia in Capitol Commons, Pasig City.

    This also appears on Philippine Primer English Magazine’s October issue, and is courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids .

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