August 12, 2017

Expat’s Guide to Karinderya: PH’s local eatery

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  • Filipinos are known to eat a lot, and it comes to no surprise just how much the people here love to eat. As with every country, the Philippines offer an array of food from street food, fast food to restaurants and all the like. But there are some foods that are missed deeply by the locals: home-cooked meals.

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    For the hustling, bustling 9 to 5 worker seating affordable, healthy, comfort food can be a rare sight that’s why getting to eat at home is a luxury and for the locals, nothing beats eating at a Karinderya.

    What is a ‘karinderya’?


    The ‘Karinderya’ is a small restaurant where people order from a display of already cooked food and point at the desired dish they want to eat which is why to the locals, it is colourfullyreferred to as‘turo-turo’ or which directly translates to ‘point-point’.

    Reasons why Filipinos eat at Karinderyas

    Filipinos enjoy eating at Karinderyas for a lot of reasons and one of them is because of its convenience. People who are in a hurry and have no time preparing food for the day would most likely buy at Karinderyas. There, you can buy any dish you want and bring them at home, school or even at work. Sure there are restaurants and fast food chains but there’s a sort of comfort when eating a home-cooked meal especially in the tradition of Filipinos.

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    Besides, eating out can be expensive and for Filipino’s who love to eat, the prices of their meals are important to take note and buying from a Karinderya is more affordable than eating at restaurants and even fast food chains.And in Karinderias you get to buy a single-serving meal from a variety of prepared dishes.

    Karinderyas also work around the clock wherein they usually serve breakfast food in the morning and make hearty home-cooked meals by noon. Theyalso have a different set of food every day and offer dishes that are primarily vegetable based, fish and or meat.

    Some Karinderyas also have karaoke machines making it a place where people can come together and have a good time eating, drinking or singing.

    Written by Philippine Primer intern Ofelyn Datuin

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