July 13, 2017

How To Stay Healthy and Happy On Rainy Days

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  • We love the rainy season for various reasons: the bed weather, a perfect prod to read books, and the best weather to enjoy a hot cup of joe. But no matter how appealing it is for many of us, the season also brings with it some risks to our health, from the common cold, flu, and diarrhea to more life-threatening illnesses like leptospirosis and typhoid fever.

    Stay safe while enjoying the rainy season.

    Fret not, because it is not that difficult to avoid these risks. You can still enjoy the rainy season with these simple tips:

    Always wash or sanitize your hands

    Your hands are always at work, and you touch a lot of things. You can easily come into contact with viruses. Be sure to wash your hands as often as you can. Always have a hand sanitizer with you just in case you can’t find a toilet or a wash area.

    Avoid crowded places

    It is so easy to catch a virus and you don’t know who is sick in a crowd. No matter how much you cover your mouth, it doesn’t keep you 100% safe from airborne viruses because they can still be absorbed through your skin.

    Get vaccinated

    Get your flu shot once a year and ideally before the start of the rainy season because it takes some time for the vaccine to take effect in your body. Given that the rainy season usually starts in June, it is advisable to get your flu vaccine in March or April. There’s also a vaccine available against typhoid fever, but it is still best to be extra careful with what you eat or drink.

    Rain boots are cute and practical.

    Flip flops are cute, but boots are safer

    And boots can be fashionable, too! Many people opt to wear slippers or flip flops on rainy days because they’re easier to clean and dry. But, with your skin exposed, slippers don’t protect you from the bacteria and parasites that lurk in the flood.

    Boost your body’s resistance

    Sleep enough. Exercise. Eat well. These are very simple measures that many people usually neglect to do. No matter how stressed or busy you are, make an effort to fit exercise and enough sleep into your schedule. Be sure to buy and eat only fresh fruits and vegetables. These habits help boost your immune system, which in return helps you dodge common illnesses on rainy days.

    Written by: Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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