January 23, 2017

Expats’ Guide: Satellite Internet in the Philippines

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  • Let’s face it: the internet in the country isn’t as good as advertised. Sure, we’ve got high-speed options like LTE and Fibr, but these aren’t options that will be available in every city you visit.


    IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO do this… anywhere in the country. Image grabbed from pexels.com

    Most people need to stay connected to the internet no matter where they go… and that includes the remotest of villages or the farthest of islands. These places are where mobile service providers usually fail, so people turn to the best option available: Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services, also known as satellite broadband or satellite internet.

    What is satellite internet?

    VSAT is a bandwidth platform typically used in areas where people have no access to terrestrial (READ: traditional) broadband providers. While more expensive, these tend to be more reliable in areas where it’s hard to have phone lines installed or get reception from any of the mobile service providers.

    Where can you get it?

    For those looking to get satellite internet, or VSAT, in the Philippines, you can contact any one of these three companies:

    We are IT Philippines, Inc.

    We are IT Philippines (Wit) is largely an enterprise-scale provider for satellite communications. They offer consumer-grade VSAT through their BigSky brand. For more information, you can visit their website, www.philsat.com, or call 02-726-9817 or 02-320-8882.


    Kontak One

    Kontak One’s main line of business is providing value-added services like VOIP and internet services, though they are one of the few companies that can provide consumer-grade VSAT. For details, you can call 02-655-4084 or 02-655-4286, or visit their website, kontakone.wordpress.com.


    AZ Communications Network

    AZCom offers a third-generation, high-speed VSAT internet service they call VCONN, which uses 2-way VSAT technology. For more information on their products, please call 02-889-4901 or send them an email at sales@azcomm.net.


    If, however, you want to go direct to the source, you can talk directly to Thiacom, Asia Pacific’s leading satellite internet provider, by visiting their website www.ipstar.com/ph or by calling 02-808-1514 or 02-808-2483.

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    Any mention of a service should include prices.

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    the price range from a few hundred to thousands of dollar per month

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    Is VSat expensive…….Yu

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    Is this expensive VSat.

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    Ummm…there’s no mention of prices or bandwidth throughout this entire article. That info would be nice to know.

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    Excellent and succinct article!

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    excellent and succinct article

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