December 22, 2016

Tips to conserve energy this Energy Consciousness Month

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  • In the Philippines, the month of December is observed to be “Energy Consciousness Month,” as signed by former President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo by virtue of Proclamation No. 867.


    LIGHTS ON. This Christmas, celebrate the holiday while you save energy! Image grabbed from

    With the holidays fast approaching, it is also most likely the season when energy consumption is at an all-time high. However, there are still ways to curb your consumption without having to compromise your energy-consuming holiday decorations. Here are some tips to energy-saving this Christmas season.

    1. Use LED Christmas lights.

    Using LED lights is more efficient than typical Christmas lights as it use 90% less electricity. Buy ones that are durable, as some that are cheap tend to use excessive energy. Turn the lights off when not needed.

    1. Turn off the Air Conditioning

    This December signals the start of the cold season. Save energy by keeping the thermostat at low if you don’t need it that much. Turn it off if you are leaving the house.

    1. Shop online!

    You don’t need to go out and brave the holiday traffic because now you can do online shopping. But if you really need to go to the mall, why not join a carpool? Save energy, save money, and save time off the road!

    1. Run the fridge efficiently

    Too much food leftovers for the holiday season? Make sure you keep them sealed tight in the refrigerator, and also make sure that the fridge is closed properly. Fridges consume much energy than other appliances.

    Have a happy and energy-efficient holidays, Primer readers!

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