February 23, 2024

Yana Sonoda Goes to Boracay, Shares Tips for a Fun Island Adventure!

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  • Hey everyone, long time no see! How’s it going? 💗

    So, the other day, I went to Boracay with some friends, and let me tell you, getting there is a bit of a journey, to say the least… 🤯💦

    For those of you who haven’t been to Boracay yet, let me give you the lowdown on how to get from Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to Boracay’s Caticlan Airport (MPH).


    The Road to Boracay Island

    ① From Manila’s NAIA to Caticlan:

    When heading to Boracay Island, you can fly from two airports (Caticlan or Kalibo), but Caticlan is closer, so I recommend going there.

    ②From Caticlan Airport to the Boat Terminal:

    Once you land at Caticlan Airport, there are round-trip packages to Boracay hotels available, which can help you avoid the hassle. If you go for the package, you’ll be taken from Caticlan Airport to the boat terminal in a van that fits about 8 people (the fewer the people, the higher the cost). Since I speak Tagalog, I decided to skip the package this time. I got the same results and saved Php 1,000 in the process! 👏🏼✨

    ③From Boracay to the Hotel:

    After about a 20-minute boat ride from the terminal, you’ll finally arrive at Boracay Island. Yep, as you’ll see on Google Maps, the island is a bit of a trek from the airport. Once you’re at Boracay, staff members will be waiting as you get off the boat. Just tell them your hotel, and they’ll take you there by bus.

    Since I didn’t opt for the package, I took a tricycle to the hotel!! In Manila, there aren’t many opportunities to ride tricycles, but tricycles in Boracay are a blast with the wind in your hair. 🍃 It costs around Php 300 for a private tricycle ride, so I highly recommend it.

    ※ Tips for Choosing Where to Stay in Boracay by Station:

    When booking a hotel in Boracay, be mindful of the different areas, known as Stations 1 to 3. It’s recommended to choose your station based on your preferences! Station 1 has more resorts, perfect for those wanting a relaxing resort experience 🥂🌊. Station 2 is bustling with shopping, restaurants, and bars, great for hanging out with friends 💃🏻. Station 3 is known for water sports 🏄🏻🌴. This time, I stayed at Station 1 for a chill vibe and only went to Station 2 when meeting up with friends.

    First Things First. When in Boracay…

    First off, something I really want to show everyone is this “Hairstyle & Henna Tattoo.”

    We did it on the second night, and it’s very much recommended. I wish I had done it from the first day! But washing your hair becomes a bit of a hassle, so I hit my limit after two days 😝

    ※By the way, the henna tattoo I got on my shoulder will disappear in two weeks. Enjoy! LOL

    My Memorable Food Adventure

    One of my memories from Boracay is all about the food! I found some incredibly delicious cafes and restaurants, so I’ll share just a few highlights with you.

    ① Halo Mango

    It’s a really cute shop with K-pop music playing, and their mango ice cream is absolutely amazing! If you’re looking for dessert shops in the island, you should definitely check this out!

    ② Coco Mama

    Look! The ice cream is inside the coconut, and it was incredibly delicious. Plus, it looked so great, definitely Instagram-worthy! 🥥🍨

    ③ Two Brown Boys

    This place is a famous restaurant & bar known for its burgers! 😋🍔 They also have a wide variety of cocktails, so it’s great as a hangout place too. I enjoyed a glass of my favorite Amaretto Sour here. Cheers!

    ④ Sirena @ Shangri-La Hotel

    There’s a restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel called SIRENA, and it offers a stunning view where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while having dinner. Since I was craving for seafood, I ordered a seafood platter, and it was so delicious! 😋 If you ever go to Boracay, you should definitely visit this restaurant & cafe. It’s highly recommended!

    Party on a Yacht

    When in Boracay, you can’t forget about the parties! 🕺🏻 We rented a yacht with friends, hired a DJ, and threw a party with music pumping. Feeling adventurous, I even jumped off the yacht from the second floor! 😂 It was so much fun. If you’re going with a big group, I highly recommend renting a yacht for you and your friends. 

    Finally, when it comes to beautiful beaches in Boracay, you can’t miss out on “Puka Beach.” It’s about a 30-minute tricycle ride from the restaurant area in Station 2. This stunning public beach offers opportunities for photoshoots with transparent boats. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong this time, so we couldn’t ride the transparent boats. I cried 😭. They recommended visiting around May. Here’s a photo from the last time I went.

    Now, where should I go to next? 🌴🌊 If you have any island recommendations, let me know in the comments!

    Also, don’t forget to check out my social media below for more updates on my activities in the entertainment industry as well as my personal life! Thank you!

    💕Love, Yana. 

    【About Yana】
    YANA SONODA (ヤナ・ソノダ)
    Talent Management Agency: VIVA ARTISTS AGENCY

    Born in the Philippines, Yana “Yuki” Sonoda moved to Japan at the age of 10. While in Japan, she continued dreaming of becoming an actress, simultaneously pursuing a degree in international business law at Rikkyo University and carving out her identity as a beauty queen.

    The half-Filipina, half-Japanese beauty queen initially attracted a lot of attention in the Philippines as she achieved the title of second runner-up in the Miss Universe Japan 2020 competition.

    Upon her return to Philippines in March 2022, Yana Sonoda was unstoppable in reaching her full potential. The young actress appeared in various prestigious events in the country and took on lead roles in notable films. As the industry continues to recognize her talents, Yana was given the title, “Breakthrough Artist of the Year”, proving her growing prominence and impact in the entertainment scene.

    Now, Yana signs with VIVA Artists Agency, Philippines’ top talent management agency, adding a new chapter to her flourishing career. 

    【YANA FUENTES’ Featured Films (AQ PRIME)】

    Starring: Yana Sonoda, Aljur Abrenica, Soliman Cruz

    Starring: Yana Sonoda, Ara Mina, Marcus Madrigal, Jaden Lim

    Stay tuned for Yana Sonoda’s blog series on Philippine Primer! Follow Yana Sonoda on her social media accounts and be part of her official fan club by visiting www.teamyana.com.

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