June 06, 2018

Skewered in Alabang Brings Together Every Barbeque in Asia

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  • Imagine a shipwreck during the spice trade in the 16th century that’s stuck in a mystical island somewhere in Asia. The crew has nothing to do but live off their own cargo of spices, the island’s fruits, and wild animals. There they discovered how locals cook using long pins of wood to enjoy food off of which we now call SKEWERED.

    Skewers, also known as barbecue, is the food preparation style which ties many Asian countries together. Every country has their own version of barbeque and to bring them all together in one restaurant is what the new restaurant, Skewered by Phatchick, has done. They are bringing authentic Pan-Asian flavors, cocktails, and, of course, skewers by not changing the recipe and preparation of many of their dishes taken from Asian countries.

    Crispy Chicken Tenders (Php 299), Fresh Vietnamese Spring Roll (Php 299), and Mango Kani Salad (Php 299)

    After their travels around the world, the owners brought with them the best dishes of many Asian countries and placed it to one place to be enjoyed by everyone in Manila. Instead of being a fusion restaurant, Skewered offers authentic flavors and serve them as they are: delicious.

    Hanging Asian-style skewers provide an interactive dining experience to customers.

    The interior was designed to make it look like the inside of a shipwreck.

    Using high-quality meats and ingredients, imported spices and rice, Skewered has taken their time to fully develop their dishes to satisfy the Filipino taste buds without sacrificing any authenticity of flavors. To wash it down, Engkanto Brewery’s Draft Beer is available as well as tropical cocktails and their tasty iced tea infused with lemongrass and pandan.

    As a promo, Skewered and Philippine Primer are offering a discount of 15% off your total bill starting May till June 30. Make sure to tell their servers that you will be using the promo code PRIMER before bill out. We know everyone deserves good barbeque, rice dishes, and noodles so experience all this at Skewered by Phatchick at Festival Supermall, Water Garden, Alabang.

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