September 10, 2020

Philippine Primer – Volume 53

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    Features of the Issue
    STREET- The food and beverage sector is just one of the many other businesses at the receiving end of this long-lasting pandemic. Those that continue bearing the pressure of the situation, henceforth, have almost no other choice but to largely turn to delivery services in order to survive. In another issue of Philippine Primer, not only do we give you a fresh list of stores and restaurants where you can purchase comfort food from amid these trying times, but do we also give you a primer on the available delivery application for a more convenient experience on ordering food online.

    While you’re at it, learn how to make your home’s a place that uplifts and relaxes you through decluttering methods that can not only help in cleaning up spaces but can also aid in tidying up your inner selves.

    COVER STORY- The need for keeping a good distance away from another person ( let alone with a throng of other people in a cramped space ) partnered with the erratic condition of public transport birthed to the burgeoning need for bicycles. It is, after all, the most practical mode of transport right now. Whether you’re a beginner cyclist or someone who’s not quite convinced to start biking yet, we have some of the vital particulars that may be very well helpful for you.


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