April 09, 2020

Philippine Primer – Volume 49

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    Features of the Issue
    STREET — If you ask Filipinos what their comfort food is, adobo, sinigang, or nilaga will most likely come to mind. These are simple meals that evoke warm memories of mother, home, and heritage. And these are dishes that can make expats just a little less homesick. If you are looking for a welcoming taste of tradition or just a colorful culinary adventure, look no further than Filipino cuisine. This month, let Philippine Primer share with you all of our favorite Filipino dishes, and where you can find them in Metro Manila.

    JAPAN SPECIAL — April is one of the hottest months in the Philippines, with the summer season reaching its peak. Meanwhile, Hokkaido in Japan has just
    concluded winter and is transitioning into a cool, colorful springtime. This northern island of Japan welcomes travelers seeking refuge in its year-round cool climate. In this issue, we showcase Hokkaido not only as a winter wonderland but also as a cultural destination with various fun ways to enjoy subzero weather—exploring rustic streets in soft snow, filling up with a hearwvarming local cuisine, and enjoying activities with locals. Start planning for your next winter escape with this month’s special feature of Hokkaido, Japan.


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