November 09, 2019

Philippine Primer – Volume 42

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    Features of the Issue
    COVER- Is it red or white? Pork is the meat that baffles white meat and red meat dieters yet continue to captivate all meat eaters around the world. By expert standards, pork is considered red meat, although it is also often compared alongside chicken, white meat. Red or white, there’s no denying that pork is delicious and versatile, able to transform into any dish that can satisfy the pickiest of eaters. In this issue, we feature the various restaurants in Metro Manila and each of their pork specialties that not only are delicious but also give a glimpse of local and international cuisines.

    TRAVEL- Looking for a weekend getaway or a change of scenery? Look no further as we have found a great travel destination- Quezon City. Because”travel” does not always have to be out of the metro. As Philippines Primer has discovered, there is yet a lot to be seen in this buzzing metropolitan city. For one, did you know that Quezon City is home to the biggest watershed and forest reserve in the metro? For this month, we visited this lush paradise tucked in the green corner of the city and a lot more!


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