December 08, 2018

Philippine Primer – Volume 33

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  • COVER- It has been yet another exciting year for Metro Manila’s ever-bustling restaurants from different countries all over the world, including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and France. There are, of course, entrants from local chefs and restaurateurs that have an impressive array of specialties inspired by different cuisines. Be in the know of the hottest restaurants of 2018 in this month’s feature.

    JAPAN SPECIAL- 2018 deserves a grand finale. So, in this issue, we present a back-to-back feature of two amazing destinations in Japan-an untapped destination in Aomori Prefecture that’s so rich in culture and a new way to travel between Tokyo and Osaka that lets you explore the northwestern area of Central Japan.

    TRAVEL- Being the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga not only has delicious delicacies to showcase but also exciting recreational spots and festivities-truly palatable in every sense of the word. The province is also within arm’s reach from Metro Manila, which makes it one of the most favored destinations for the day and weekend travelers. Time to start planning for 2019 travel goals!


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