September 08, 2018

Philippine Primer – Volume 30

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  • COVER- Curry is most often associated with India, a country known for the use of a myriad of spices in their dishes. While most people are certain that India was the birthplace of this palate-tickling, sometimes tongue-burning dish, the question of where this dish actually started is still quite debatable. There is one thing we’re sure of: you will find various recipes around the world, that showcase the complexity of this one dish called “curry”. For this issue, Philippine Primer has brought together some of the best curries from different restaurants of different cuisines.

    TRAVEL- Once a quaint unassuming town south of Manila, the city of Santa Rosa, Laguna, has become one of the best choices for a near Manila getaway. Two major commercial and recreational centers, Paseo de Santa Rosa and Nuvali, seemed to have joined forces to put Santa Rosa on the map and make the city a highly sought-after destination for a day trip or a weekend escape. in this month’s travel features, we highlight various activities and restaurants, plus lodging options for those who plan to retreat to the area of Nuvali and Paseo de Santa Rosa-a prime vacation spot within reach.

    PLUS! Tired of treadmills or stationary bikes? Go beyond these conventional gym staples by checking out specialty gyms in Metro Manila


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