July 10, 2017

Philippine Primer – Volume 16

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  • It looks like the rainy season has finally arrived in the Philippine! For our cover story, we rounded up some of the best spots in Manila where you can have an ideal hotpot meal.

    COVER – Stay warm this rainy season with these delicious hot pot restaurants in Metro Manila. Hot pot’s popularity is spreading in the Philippines because of how it is unique concept. In this issue, we are featuring some of the best places where you can experience this communal dish that brings people together.

    TRAVEL – This July, let Philippine Primer take you to Bohol in the Central Visayas. See the beauty of Bohol’s marine sanctuary, famed Chocolate Hills, and the smallest primate called Philippine Tarsier; discover the amazing and scenic islands; and indulge on a feast of Boholano flavors in this trip of a lifetime!

    SPECIAL FEATURES – Take a look into the nito-weaving tradition of the Iraya-Mangyans and how Ayala Foundation Inc. helped the community. Plus! If you are new in the Philippines, you’ll probably have no idea of some of the vegetables you see in the local market. This month, Philippine Primer is providing a visual guide for vegetables that can only be found here in the Philippines.


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