February 15, 2019

Teriyaki Boy Reveals Three New Japanese Dishes This Year!

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    Teriyaki Boy has been around for quite a while now and it has established itself as a go-to Japanese restaurant in the country. Up until now, the fast-casual restaurant continues to surprise customers by crafting new dishes to keep customers (like you) on your toes.

    In case you haven’t heard yet, Teriyaki Boy introduces a new set of Japanese delicacies every quarter of the year. And this first quarter, they are launching these three new dishes that you should try:  Pork Cutlet Rolls, Shoyu Tebasaki, and Tori Katsu.

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    Teriyaki Boy at SM Mall of Asia 

    You can’t deny that sushi is one of the classic Japanese creations Filipinos have come to love. Now, Teriyaki Boy offers its own version named Pork Cutlet Roll that will satisfy your sushi cravings. It is a simple combination of pork tonkatsu rolled with rice, cucumber and garnished with Japanese mayo. It can be served in eight pieces (Php 160), four pieces (Php 85), and two pieces (Php 45).

    Pork Cutlet Roll (eight pieces/ Php 160), four pieces (Php 85), and two pieces (Php 45)

    For a meatier choice, you can order their new Torikatsu (Php 245/ ala carte) sided with wakame coleslaw. It’s a breaded chicken katsu fried to a perfect tenderness. Be sure to dip every cutlet to its special dippings so that you can maximize its taste! You can also choose their Torikatsu Ju for Php 299. This one is served with leeks, egg, topped on a bed of steamed Japanese rice.

    Torikatsu with  wakame coleslaw (Php 245/ ala carte)

    Meanwhile, one of their newest dishes is the Shoyu Tebasaki (Php 249). There is two kinds of their Shoyu Tebasaki that you should try: the Shoyu Teriyaki Chicken Tebasaki, which is garnished with their special teriyaki sauce and topped with sesame seeds; and the other one is the Plain Shoyu Tebasaki sprinkled with togarashi chili powder. You can also order the per individual sharing for Php 89.

    Shoyu Tebasaki (Php 249; Php 89/ two pieces) 

    Aside from these three new dishes, you can still devour Teriyaki Boy’s highlight dish, the Teriyaki Chicken (Php 299). This dish essentially represents Teriyaki Boy itself. It is a chicken fillet cooked, marinated, and simmered in teriyaki sauce.

    Teriyaki Chicken (Php 299)

    You can also order their all-time best-sellers like the Ebi Tempura (Php 195), which is a crispy fried breaded shrimp simmered with soy sauce, onions, and sided with a shitake mushroom. Their Ebi Tempura is prepared to perfection, plus it is served in large proportions.

    Ebi Tempura (Php 195)

    Lastly, you should try their Gyoza, one of the mainstays in the menu of Teriyaki Boy. Gyoza is a Japanese pork dumpling that is steamed and seared to a perfect crisp. Every bite of their Gyoza will make you want for more! Gyoza is served in five pieces for Php 155, 10 pieces for Php 280, and  15 pieces for Php 399.

    Teriyaki Boy’s new dishes are available in all their branches nationwide. Go and treat yourself with value-friendly Japanese food!

    Gyoza (five pieces for Php 155, 10 pieces for Php 280, and  15 pieces for Php 399)

    Craving for Teriyaki Boy dishes? They offer food deliveries! Visit their website here or call 7-9000! Get a taste of their new dishes now!

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